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Back Door to Chyna

It looks like Chyna's been at it again... ummmm... I'm not really sure what to say on this that I haven't said before... here or here... I guess there's this...

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Eric the Red

Ib Solvang "Eric" Hansen (1 August 1934 - 16 November 1978) was a Danish professional wrestler, known by his ring name Eric the Red, who competed in North American and international regional promotions during the 1960s and 70s, including Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, Maple Leaf Wrestling and National Wrestling Federation.

One of the major stars in the short-lived International Wrestling Association, he was one of the few to find success in the National Wrestling Alliance following the IWA's close forming a successful tag team with Pak Song in Championship Wrestling from Florida before his death in 1978.On November 8, he and Pak Song defeated Jimmy Garvin & Prince Tonga at a television taping in Tampa. Later that night at the Miami Jai-Alai Fronton, he and Pak Song would face Mike Graham & Dusty Rhodes defeating them by disqualification. Following the match, Hansen flew back to the Tampa International Airport and was driving through the Town ‘N Country area when his car stalled on West Hillsborough Boulevard. After telephoning for assistance, Hansen was struck by a car while crossing the median. His head hitting the windshield of the car, he suffered severe brain damage as well as numerous bodily injuries. Taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hansen remained in a coma for a week before he died from his injuries on November 16, 1978.

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I've been doing some cartoons recently for the Melbourne Australia based Warzone Wrestling. First up, is Australian National identity Krackerjak.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

New NWA Champ !!

My buddy the Sheik is the new NWA Champion?!

BREAKING NEWS from Jacksonville, FL: The Sheik has defeated Colt Cabana to capture the NWA World Heavyweight Title, more details to follow!

Awesome news... Congratulations to the Sheik, from "On The Mat"...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hall Of Fame

Let me just say right now... if you get this joke, you are old... or watch way too much television. I'm not REALLY sure what it says about me either.

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This cartoon combines to of my favourite things... Crappy tv, and NWA Wrestling... thus, making this cartoon available here, makes me a happy little nerd.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sin Cara

WWE today unveiled their latest Superstar signing, Sin Cara, formerly known worldwide as Mistico. The announcement took place today during a press conference in his hometown Mexico City, where passionate fans of all ages turned out to see their favorite performer become the newest addition to the WWE roster.
Having already forged a strong international fan following, Sin Cara, known for his high-flying style and awe-inspiring acrobatics, is expected to reach new heights of global success with WWE. "Sin Cara is a tremendous performer who brings the crowd to its feet every time he steps into the ring," said Stephanie McMahon, Executive Vice President, WWE. "With us, his stardom will only get bigger and brighter."
Upon his signing, Sin Cara said, "WWE is the pinnacle of sports-entertainment. It is an honor and a thrill for me to be able to perform with the world’s best. Being a WWE Superstar will present new challenges, new mountains to climb and new competition. It is a new beginning and a new life. With that in mind, I have chosen the new name of Sin Cara in hopes to represent all the legendary Mexican masked performers and to carry the banner of their legacy to the entire world." - from

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Big Daddy

Shirley Crabtree, Jr, better known as Big Daddy (14 November 1930 - 2 December 1997) was a British professional wrestler famous for his record-breaking 64 inch chest ( which was at one point listed in the Guiness book of Records ). Known for wearing his various Big Daddy leotards, Crabtree's original one was emblazoned with just a large "D" and was fashioned by his wife Eunice from their chintz sofa.

Crabtree, was a Rugby League player before deciding to follow in his father's footsteps, and become a professional wrestler. He became a big hit in the late 1950s and early 1960s with heel gimmicks, calling himself The Blonde Adonis, Mr. Universe and The Battling Guardsman. Crabtree won two titles in the British Wrestling Federation before he quit out of frustration and retired for roughly 15 years.
With the rising popularity of the spectacle on television (World of Sport on ITV), Shirley's brother, Max, one of the most powerful wrestling promoters in British history, brought Shirley back to wrestling with Joint Promotions under the persona he would best be remembered for.
Based originally on the character of the same name played by actor Burl Ives in the 1958 screen adaptation of Tennessee Williams' Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Big Daddy was first given life by Crabtree in the later 1970s, initially playing the bad guy. On 24 April 1976, he teamed up with Giant Haystacks, vs Steve Veidor and Tibor Szakacs (the good guys), for a tag team bout, but laterly played the good guy. A firm fan favorite, Big Daddy came to the ring in his signature Union Flag jacket and top hat to a theme tune in the form of "We Shall Not Be Moved" by The Seekers, in 1980 Shirley Crabtree recorded his own version on EMI Records backed by rock guitarist Legendary Lonnie. As Big Daddy, Crabtree would often team with many rising stars within the country including Sammy Lee ( the original Tiger Mask - Satoru Sayama ), Dynamite Kid, Davey Boy Smith, and Steven ( William ) Regal.
Though Big Daddy's weight and age precluded many more novel wrestling moves; making him a frequent user of many generic wrestling throws, body slams, etc. he would be met by cheers whenever he wrestled. Big Daddy's more famous attacks would involve his large abdomen to great effect often using "Belly-Butts" (thrusting his pelvis forward to slam his belly into an oncoming opponent) before finishing off opponents with his "belly-splash" in which he jumped vertically down onto the body of a fallen opponent. These more memorable moves in Daddy's arsenal were often met with chants of "Easy, Easy" and "Who's the Daddy" from the crowd. Even then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was said to be a fan of Big Daddy. Tho the rumours of her belly-butting other ministers in cabinet are as-yet unfounded.
In 1982 ITV planned to build a children's TV programme around Big Daddy as a replacement for the popular Tiswas. A pilot for "Big Daddy's Saturday Show" was shot and a series announced but Crabtree pulled out at the last moment, leaving the hastily-renamed "The Saturday Show" presented by Isla St Clair and Tommy Boyd. Big Daddy also appeared as the lead feature in a comic strip in the British children's comic Buster, and appeared on at least two occasions in the wonderful British comic sports strip Johnny Cougar, which ran in Tiger ( and later, for a time in the 90s, in his own monthly comic ). Daddy even had his own annual for a couple of years in the eighties.

In August 1987, Big Daddy bowed out of the professional wrestling spotlight after a turn of events during the final moments of the match against Mal "King Kong" Kirk. After Big Daddy had delivered his belly-splash, rather than selling the impact of the finishing move, Kirk turned an un healthy colour and was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival. Despite the fact that the inquest into Kirk's death found that he had a serious heart condition and cleared Crabtree of any responsibility, Crabtree was devastated and nevertheless blamed himself for Kirk's death. He continued to make sporadic appearances into the early 90s, but eventually retired from wrestling to spend the remainder of his days in his hometown of Halifax.

Let me go on record here, for the first time and say "I am a fan". There's a lot of nay-sayers who credit Big Daddy for the downfall of UK wrestling, and many who put his look and lack of ability as the reason that it was dropped from tv. But you know what, in watching his matches back even now, they are fun. Sure, they are generally more "sports entertainment" than wrestling... but the crowd eats them up each and every time. Every guy at the top has people trying to drag him down, but as a fan... I can say there will only ever be one BIG DADDY!

* For further information on the British Wrestling scene, and just a damn fine read, you should all go find a copy of Simon Garfield's "The Wrestling". Easily one of the best books I've ever read on pro-wrestling bar none.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sheik vs Shatter

This weekend there's going to be some crazy NWA action, as the North American Heavyweight Champion the Sheik, defends his belt against the National Champion Phil Shatter. The last time these two met the ring could not contain them... Who knows what either man will pull out this time?

( From NWA press release ) During his reign as NWA North American Champion, The Sheik has met and defeated some of the top wrestlers around the world, including NWA National Champion Phill Shatter, Carlito Colon, Savio Vega and many more. However, The Sheik's actions outside of his matches have been despicable. From attacking and knocking the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce unconscious with a vicious chair assault, to the throwing of fireballs at opponents, to attempting to light Phill Shatter on fire at the conclusion of their previous match, the Sheik has shown no respect for the rules of the NWA and seems intent on simply creating havoc and injury wherever he may be. In spite of this, the NWA was prepared to order a title shot for The Sheik based upon his undefeated record as North American champ against world-class competition. However, The Sheik recently lost his NWA Midwest title to Sadist in a hotly-disputed cage match. Combining that result with his prior unsanctioned violence leads the NWA to make the following ruling as it relates to The Sheik's status as No. 1 contender:

In order to retain his status as No. 1 contender and receive a title shot at the NWA World title, The Sheik must not lose either match this weekend against NWA National Champion, The Universal Soldier, Phill Shatter. Should Shatter defeat The Sheik in either of these matches, the NWA will designate a new No. 1 contender for the title, with Shatter obviously being a strong consideration for that honor. Whomever emerges this weekend as the No. 1 contender will receive a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight title on or before May 1, 2011.

This news has upset the Sheik, who believes the NWA is running scared. In a press release from the Sheik's management team, they have stated that - "Once again, Bob Trobich and the NWA have shown their true colors to the world. They are running scared of The Sheik. They are using all means at their disposal to keep him from the Ten Pounds of Gold that he so richly deserves, The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title.

NWA National Champion Phil Shatter is given shot, after shot, after shot, but still no shot for The Sheik. The racism is clear... The NWA North American Championship does not matter when it’s around the waist of an Arab. The Sheik continues to destroy every opponent put in his path while he plots his next move, and in August 2010, NWA Wrestling Legends FanFest in Charlotte, NC - He strikes. He attacks without warning and he attacks with a vengeance. He knocks out NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce with a steel chair. Does he have his title shot now? NO! The Sheik chases Adam Pearce to Hollywood, CA. and attacks him again. Does he get a title shot? NO, he gets banned from NWA TV. The Sheiks response, face "NWA Golden Boy" Phil Shatter in an NWA sanctioned NO-DQ Match. Phil Shatter passes out from the pain inflicted by The Sheik. Does The Sheik get his title shot? NO!

Now Bob Trobich says The Sheik must not lose his NA title in back to back defenses against Phil Shatter to keep his place as the #1 contender. To get the title shot he’s earned many times over, Sheik must now defeat Shatter 3 times while Shatter must only defeat The Sheik once? Is this fair? Is this justice? Is this not a clear showing of favoritism toward Phil Shatter by the NWA. The Sheik has already beaten Shatter and left him unconscious in Florida, he has left Savio Vega unconscious in Puerto Rico, he has burned his face of Carlito Colon in Texas, and he has knocked out the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Adam Pearce, to prove his point.

Bob Trobich, you have put The Sheik’s back against a wall and have signed a death warrant for your golden boy, Phil Shatter. He may call himself the "Universal Soldier", but he better prepare for this war like he’s never prepared before. Feb. 4th at NWA MidWest - Xtreme Limit in Waukesha, WI and Feb. 5th at NWA MidWest - Supreme in Streator, IL, The Sheik will wage Jihad on the NWA, and your "golden boy" Phil Shatter will fall under the boots of the Middle Eastern Madman."

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Quoting Nietzsche is relation to Pro-Wrestling... it's official, I'm a twat.

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Steve Rickard

Anyone who has followed this blog, and my work in general for any length of time, will know I credit two people for my love of wrestling. In my upcoming book, I sum it up as succinctly as I can, when I say "this is for my Father, who took me to my first wrestling show... and for Steve Rickard, who kept me there".

For those of you who don't know, Steve Rickard ( seen here with fellow On The Mat star Mark Lewin, with whom he shared the Australasian Tag Team Championship ) was a wrestler and promoter, specifically around the Pacific area ( New Zealand, Asia, Hawaii ) for over 30 years. I've mentioned him before here , and as I said - "He was also the first wrestler I ever met, and more importantly from an historical point of view, the man behind the "On The Mat" television show in New Zealand. The show that "hooked" me into wrestling. I owe Steve Rickard a lot... "

I've wanted to draw Steve before, but always kind of got stage fright in drawing someone I hold in such high regard.. today I persevered, and put into cartoon form pretty much how I feel ( and also perhaps how most of the girls I've ever dated do too ).

Thank you Steve, for everything.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


The problem with this cartoon seemingly ( beyond the obvious ), was I had mistakenly believed that there were people actually watching season 3 of NXT. For those of you, who like the many I spoke to, who did not... this is Naomi ( Night ), she was a contestant on the show. She had a disproportionately large, but still very attractive backside. Thank-you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Southern Rockers

The Southern Rockers were one of the most popular tag teams ever in the Pacific Northwest territory. Then they broke up , and then they got back together... But I guess that's wrestling.
I've been watching quite a bit of Portland wrestling lately, and I must say, even now its still a lot of fun. Easily one of the best episodic wrestling shows ever produced. Even to this day, I still miss the territories so very much.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Spot Illustrations

A couple more illos... this time "the Cat" Ernie Ladd, and "big" Scott Hall...

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I've been watching a bit of UWFI and of RINGS lately... I'm kind of surprised I haven't seen more of it in the past. For the record, both of the History comps available from Japan, are well worth your time if you get the chance. Watching Volk Han in RINGS, and Gary Albright in UWFI is a very good use of your time.