Saturday, September 6, 2008

Giant Haystacks

Giant Haystacks was fat... not comedy fat, but REALLY fat...
" Stretch marks on the bath tub " fat... " Belly button that gives off an echo " fat... " Hopped in a monster truck and turned it into a low-rider " fat... Well, you get my drift.
At his peak he is said to have weighed in at a whopping of 672 pounds.
Thats about one and a half Rosie O'Donnells to those working in the old system.
His feud with Big Daddy was the stuff of legend, and would result in high ratings, and even higher cholesterol counts whenever they met.I can honestly say, I miss these halcyon days of wrestling.
So in memory of the big guy, today's cartoon-
...and for your viewing pleasure, Haystacks and Big Daddy appearing on Tiswas- brilliant stuff.
Part one
Part two

much love to you all.

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