Thursday, September 18, 2008

the "Great" Khali

The Great Khali has been in the news again... But this time it seems for all the right reasons. Being mobbed by fans in his native India, as well as taking the time to appear in the movie "Kushti". ( ) I must admit though, the thought of this big galoot boot-scooting in a Bollywood style movie boggles the mind.
A man whose main offensive move is a type of Judo chop ( which between you and me looks to do less damage than the Judo Chops I had at a tepanyaki place last week ), and who's biggest claim to fame is that he hasn't tripped over his own monster sized feet in the last few weeks, is widely regarded by many wrestling fans as a failed experiment... And possibly the least impressive big man to come down the line since Giant Gonzales. Tho at least Khali's muscles are his own, and not air-brushed onto an ill-fitting bodysuit. I knew I was crazy to buy that thing on ebay... it's not even my size.

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