Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Wrestlers have many passions. The roar of the crowd, the admiration of their peers, the thrill of victory, raw egg power shakes, and the feel of leather on their backs. No, not like that... I meant wearing it. And wrestlers with a passion for leather has led to some interesting characters.

Sure the Road Warriors were tough, and looked menacing in their jackets... but weren't they really, when you think about it, a little too similar looking to those guy that stand around in the background of every post apocalyptic movie made in Italy in the eighties?And Demolition looked even less dangerous... perhaps more like they were going for on night on the town, if that town was in fact San Francisco, and it was indeed Mardi Gras season.

There was even a time when Adrian Adonis used to look butch in his leather... well, if you consider the Village People butch. Although in hindsight, when he was tagging with Jesse Ventura ( who may very well have had the worst leather jackets in the history of the sport ), he was the tougher looking of the two of them.

In fact, many wrestlers have donned the leather, and many have done so as part of some sort of a biker image. Although the likes of Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, and Charles Hawtrey set the pace- dressed in leather and out looking for trouble - their wrestling equivalents have certainly caused much havoc in small-town America as well.

Well... they have if they were the likes of the Long Riders, or the "American Badass"... not so much if they were Chuck Palumbo.

Perhaps it is just hard to take someone with hair like Minnie Driver seriously... even if they do have a leather jacket on.

( fashion advice was taken from the fabulous sebastian in the production of this article )

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