Thursday, September 25, 2008

Masked Assassin

What sort of people wear masks anyway?
Bank robbers, superheroes, terrorists, bank managers trying to spice up their sex lives, and of course... professional wrestlers.Now, I can understand why the first four might want to hide their identity, but the wrestlers? Are they embarrassed? If you have seen Rellik wrestle, then certainly that seems logical. Or is is it because they are really ugly? If you have seen seen Kane unmasked , then that also seems logical.Or is it, like me, that they are all secretly fans of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers? Yeah, I guess that's probably the most likely scenario.Jody Hamilton, the Assassin, is probably one of the most famous masked men of all time ( along with maybe Kendo Nagasaki, Mil Mascaras, El Santo, Rey Mysterio and George Steele - surely that wasn't his actual face ), and certainly one of THE great tag-team competitors of all time. Main event player for a generation, multiple time champion, trainer of many of todays top stars, and over 40 years under the hood...
Can you even imagine what it must smell like under there after that long?!?

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