Thursday, September 11, 2008


Spelling your name backwards is a device that has worked well for a long time. Count Dracula managed to hide successfully, by calling himself Count Alucard. That was, until Van Helsing, using powers of reason greater than those of Sherlock Holmes, deduced the truth.In Superman we have Mr. Mxyzptlk, a trouble making imp from another dimension. His name is spelt forward but, if he is somehow trickled into speaking it backwards ( and believe me, you'd be surprised just how many different ways that is possible ) he returns to his own world.Redrum was popularized by Stephen King in the Shining. It's murder backwards for those that haven't picked up the theme here ( and the original, using the term loosely, name for Rellik ).And now TNA has Rellik ( well... I guess HAD is technically more accurate now ), which is, as you may have ascertained, Killer spelt backwards.
I wonder what purpose this play on spelling will reveal.Is he perhaps a traveler from another dimension? Is he a vampire in hiding?Or is he perhaps, an average wrestler in search of a gimmick to make him more popular or marketable? If that is the case, maybe they should make him a beefcake barber instead.Hey, don't laugh... it worked once, maybe its due...

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spacedlaw said...

Maybe he just fights with his back?