Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Professional sports are well known for their winning streaks.

Golf has Tiger Woods. Tennis has Roger Federer. Basketball has the Harlem Globetrotters ( whose consistent wins over the Washington Generals border on supernatural themselves ).
In professional wrestling we have the Undertaker at wrestlings Superbowl, or FA cup final - Wrestlemania.

Every year someone is rolled out to fight the Dead Man, who looks more and more like his nom-de-grapple with each passing year. 15 years of undefeated appearances makes the usual Undertaker Wrestlemania match about as exciting and unpredictable as a Police Academy sequel.

For every Batista, or Ric Flair or Triple H beaten, theres a Jimmy Snuka, Jake Roberts, Mark Henry, Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Big Bossman, A-Train, Psycho Sid, or Diesel. Not exactly what I would call great challenges for the Phenom. Why, given the opportunity, I could probably have a 15-0 won/loss record, so long as i only had to face the likes of SD Jones, Moondog Spot, Barry Horowitz, Iron Mike Sharpe and that broom that Dave Meltzer always says Ric Flair could take to a 3 star match.

Rumours are awash on the blogosphere at the moment about a possible merger between tech giant Microsoft and web behemoth Yahoo. And why are they thinking of ganging up? To take on the mighty, seemingly unstoppable, Google. It’s like an old school WWF wrestling tag team. I wonder if Google will enlist the help of the Undertaker?"
- so opined some interweb guy or other recently.

I swear, that thanks to his winning streak ( and general career longevity ), it's got to the point where the Undertaker has become another of those popular culture icons... Kind of like Mister T, Pikachu or Oscar Wilde ( who I think held the 6 man tag titles together sometime in the early 80's )....

Still, who am I to whine or make fun? Come Wrestlemania time every year ( like the rest of the wrestling world ), I'm sitting there watching his match... drunk off my ass and cheering for the Dead man.

much love
J. ( with thanks to professional wrestling's answer to Jeremy Clarkson, the Fabulous Sebastian )

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