Monday, September 15, 2008


Shelly "Salinas" Martinez is apparently through with TNA. She is said to have quit the company.It was announced during tonight's No Surrender pay-per-view broadcast that Jacqueline had attacked Salinas backstage. That's the storyline reason for her departure from the company.Martinez was recently tapped for a role in an Italian film that would have conflicted with her bookings for TNA. Reportedly, she offered to give up the film role if TNA increased her pay, but they refused. As a result, she handed in her notice to the company. Her contract was due to expire next month anyway.

- from "Lords Of Pain" today.
All I have to say, in response to Ms Martinez vanishing from my tv screen, is... sigh ( in the manner of Charlie Brown )...


spacedlaw said...

Looks like she might be playing in a movie made after the infamous erotic comic strip called Maghella.
evidence (only available for 18 and older)

Dann said...

Love Maghella. Love Shelly. You go, girl! :D