Friday, September 5, 2008

Welcome to Town

There have been many great families throughout history.
Genghis Khan started the Mongol Empire ( not to be confused with the pub in East Dalandzadgad of the same name- which does do a very nice boortsog and chips ). This was then handed down through successors such as Geto and Bepo Mongol to Kublai Khan, and eventually spread through space and time, with Khan Noonien Singh ( See Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, or speak to that nerdy guy that sits at the back of the bus reading Iain M Banks novels quietly to himself, for more information ).
Then of course there are the Kennedys, the closest that the Americans have ever come to royal family.
( not including King Ralph obviously ).
But of all the great dynasties, I see the Caesars as having them most in common with the Dudleys. Ok, so the line of Caesars was not the result of a Timmy Lea like travelling salesman with too much libido and spare time on his hands. But that should take nothing away from the legacy of Willy Loman ( Big Daddy ) Dudley.

Both families have, in their own way, left their mark on history. And a brutal mark it is. A bruise if you will.
Both dynasties are a work of drama and tragedy. There has been violence, death, changing allegiances... but through it all both thrived, and survived.
The Dudleys remain. Admittedly in a slightly re-packaged "don't mention we were ever called the Dudleys we're Team 3D now" form. But to me, I'll always remember them as one big happy disfunctional family.

Just like the rest of us.
much love

( with thanks to the fabulous sebastian research facility in fact-checking this article for historical accuracy )

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