Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Avenger

Roberto Soto ( seen here with Mark Lewin ), known by his ring name Invader II, was a Puerto Rican professional wrestler best known as one half of The Invaders with Jose Gonzalez. Although competing primarily in the Puerto Rican-based World Wrestling Council with Gonzalez, Soto would also wrestle in International World Class Championship Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance during the 1980s.

He also, for a time, toured New Zealand. Again under a hood, but this time as the Avenger. Whilst there, many questions were asked of the identity of this masked man, and it was rumoured that he may have even been Rick Martel ( who had left a year or two before for greener pastures ) under the mask. Feuding with the masked Assassin ( or at least a version therein ), it all came to a head with a mask vs mask match. The match was built up on tv for weeks, but ended with no clear winner, and under rather controversial circumstances, when the referee also got involved. There was no return match, as Soto returned to Puerto Rico soon after.

In 1988, he was among those present when wrestler Buiser Brody was stabbed to death by Soto's tag team partner Jose Gonzalez while at a WWC event in San Juan, Puerto Rico and is said to have interpreted for the American wrestlers after police officers arrived on the scene.

Competing in Japan during the 1990s, he would later return to the WWC teaming with Invader III in a feud against Gonzalez. However, their alliance was short lived, and in his last big storyline with the company Soto eventually defeated Invader III in a mask vs. mask match at WWC Anniversary on August 1, 1998.

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