Sunday, October 26, 2008

Man Mountain Link

This was actually the first "On The Mat" I drew, taking the name of the strip from New Zealand's National Wrestling television program, which promoted from the mid 70's, through to the mid 80's. For its time, it was a very good show, offering good local action blended with some of the best matches from the USA. And what a wealth of talent... Andre the Giant, Magnificent Muraco, Abdullah the butcher, Ox Baker, Mark Lewin, Rick Martel, Steve Rickard, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Peter Maivia, The Mongols, Siva Afi, the Avenger, Killer Karl Krupp, Lu Leota, King Curtis, Tor Kamata, my favourite from the time Samoan joe ( who I just saw wrestling matches in the AWA in 1988... I wonder what became of him? ), and so many more.

But todays featured player in the cartoon, is Man Mountain Link, who aside from being a Southern Heavyweight champion in the early 80's, I know very little about. He toured NZ in 1983, offering the princely sum of $1000 to anyone who could slam him and feuding mainly with Zar and Gor, the Mongols.

Check him out in action from that period - here.

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