Friday, October 31, 2008


You know, at some point, there was an evolutionary change in the world.

Neanderthal man ( not to be confused with Dewey Robertson.. he wasn't a neanderthal, he was the Missing Link ) started walking upright, and became homo sapiens, became the human race as we now know it.Contrary to popular belief, not all of them did though, and no I'm not talking about the theory that modern man then ate his predecessor. Some of them evolved into an offshoot race of their own, seldom seen, but easy to spot... they became the Moondog race. This race went relatively unseen until the early seventies, when the great explorer, adventurer and philanthropist, Vincent McMahon Sr, unveiled them to the general public... not by putting them in a sideshow somewhere, but by booking them in matches for his WWWF.Since then, there have been few sightings of new Moondogs... but occasionally they do bubble to the surface of society. Strangely, this race of hairy miscreants are usually only spotted in or around wrestling rings, and mostly in areas of the American South.
Well, this is certainly what I was led to believe by professional wrestling, and hey, it seemed pretty believable to me ( bear in mind I did also believe that Lazor Tron was in fact from outer space ). Unfortunately, this theory also led me to receiving an "F", and cost me a college recommendation, when I mistakenly discussed it in an assignment for my high school science teacher. Once again wrestling had led me astray... It's strange how these things work out.

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