Friday, October 3, 2008


Ok, today I'm gonna talk on NOAH...

No not the old bearded guy from back in the bible days, the wrestling promotion NOAH. You know, based in Japan, some of the best wrestlers in the world... Yeah, that NOAH... You've all seen the story of how after the death of All Japan Wrestling's owner Giant Baba, Mitsuharu Misawa, unhappy with how he saw the company progressing in the hands of Baba's widow, walked out to start his own company, ( taking most of the All Japan's roster with him ). So complete was the walk-out, the only two native stars not to follow were Toshiaki Kawada, and perennial curtain jerker Masanobu Fuchi.
The new promotion left the gates running, and it runs still. NOAH consistently puts on the best shows in Japan, and has most of the countries top performers on their books. They have also managed to do the one thing that has had all the other promotions in Japan stumbling... create top stars. KENTA, Marufuji, Kanemura, and of course the new Global Honoured Crown Heavyweight Champion ( I'm sure it sounds better in Japanese ), ( & poster boy for the "bring back the beefy blokes with mullets in wrestling" campaign ) Takeshi Morishima to name but a few.As it happens, it is said that the promotion's name alludes to the Biblical story of Noah, the guy mentioned above - him who had the opportunity to rid the world of all those thoroughly useless animals, and botched it. But still managed to lose the unicorns and give the Irish Rovers something to sing about for 20 years.

I guess it's some sort of an allegory. In the bible, the people and animals in the ark survive the flood and make a new mark, a new beginning for themselves in a bright new world ( or am I mistaking the bible for 1950s sci-fi film "When Worlds Collide" ? hmmmm... No matter ). Misawa and crew's departure was seen as a parallel to this, and thus, the NOAH promotional symbol features both an ark and a dove holding an olive branch. No, subtlety was never big in pro wrestling.

And onto today's cartoon...

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