Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oh Henry!

Mark Henry, who I've actually just realised is in fact younger than me, was dubbed the "World's Strongest Man" after he qualified for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics weightlifting Competition, where he finished tenth in the super heavyweight class. Only in wrestling could a man who finished tenth, be billed as the best in the world.After the WWF sponsored Henry in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, he was signed to a ten-year contract, an anomaly in pro wrestling. And one that I'm sure they would later regret after he spent more time on the injured reserves than in the actual ring.
Back in those days he'd pose for those arty sportsman type photos.
That changed in the world of wrestling, where some had it that Vince was booking him in crazy storylines to convince him to quit, and get the company out of his multi-million dollar contract.
One of these was during his run as "Sexual Chocolate". A time where he mistakenly hit on a transexual, hooked up with Chyna ( of "One Nite In Chyna" fame ), admitted that his first sexual experience with was his sister, and slept with the older than Methuselah and crazy as a loon, Mae Young. This all came to an end when the supposed knocked up Mae Young was splashed by Viscera, and went into a forced labour, giving birth to a hand.
Truly a golden age of wrestling.

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