Sunday, October 19, 2008


I have been writing this column for over a year, and drawing the cartoon for more than two, and I have just realised that although I have drawn some wrestlers more than once, Sting is the only wrestler to appear four times. I'm sure he sees that as his greatest achievement... And well, if he doesn't... at least I do.

I do wonder though, if Sting the wrestler is annoyed that there is a "musician" running around, saving forests, using his name. A real life doppelganger is not something that happens often to wrestlers. Although there is fat guy who works at my local Pastamania and calls himself Hulk Hogan.

I also wonder at times, what would happen if the Stings' luggage was mixed up. If Mrs Sting the "musician" unpacked the TNA heavyweight Championship, would she make her husband wear it and role play at night, rather than indulging in yet another bout of detached tantric sex? And what if Sting the wrestler ended up with a bass guitar in his luggage? Would he bust it over Jeff Jarrett's head? Because I'd like to see that ( as might Kurt Angle after the back and forth comments those two have made, in response to his interview a few weeks ago in the Sun ).

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