Monday, November 24, 2008


Chyna... An interesting girl to be sure. When she started in the biz Chyna was a masculine figure. Even the toys of the period kind of reflect her... um... unique look.
Over time, and with the help of surgery ( chin, boobs, elsewhere too no doubt ), this look was softened... comparitively. Culminating with an appearence in Playboy magazine...
which went on to become the best selling issue in a number of years, if not ever. Tho, how many people bought the mag just to see if she really was a girl, is impossible to calculate. Either way, it says a lot about wrestling fans... and yes, before you ask, I did buy an issue.

Soon after, her career in the WWE came to end ( believed to be over her asking for the same sort of money deal the main event guys like Steve Austin and the Rock getting, and unfortunately for her, asking at the same time her ex-boyfriend HHH had started his relationship with Stephanie McMahon ), we were treated to possibly the crown jewel of her career... a sex tape. I mean have you really made it in the entertainment biz if you haven't "starred" in one of these things?
Titled "One Nite In Chyna", obviously a take on the "One Nite In Paris", the Paris Hilton dvd. As it happens, contrary to my youthful appearence, I'm old enough to remember when Paris Hilton was just an Hotel. When you could say, "Does it have a ballroom? It does? Great... I'd love to have my balls held by the Paris Hilton." and it would be completely acceptable, because you were just talking about a gathering of friends. Though I guess, even now, a night in Paris Hilton can be a relaxing or thrilling experience. The film featured Chyna and the wrestler X-Pac, in various home made scenes intimacy. With close ups looking more like monsters from a low budget BBC science fiction show ( think Dr Who mid 70s ), than something titillating, the film became a curiousity item, and went on to become the best selling adult dvd of the year. My cartoon review of said viewing experience is included herein.She then went on to try her hand in many other endeavours. Including biting the hand that feeds her, in talking about pro wrestling in documentaries, starting a band, showing her acting chops in what looks to be a possible rival to "Citizen Kane", and of course appearing in season 4 of the "Surreal Life" on VH1 as well as "Celebrity Rehab" with Dr Drew.

Personally... I like her.

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