Friday, November 28, 2008


The tag team used to be a great launching pad for a wrestler. Jesse Ventura (with Adrian Adonis in the East West Connection). Brett Hart(with Jim Neidhart in the Hart Foundation). These are amongst the big names that broke through because of their work in Tag Teams. They weren't as funny as Abbot and Costello or Martin and Lewis, but two men working together in the squared circle could bring something special to a show.Sometimes teams were great for taking the best of two men and eliminating any weaknesses, or just eliminating their enemies. Public Enemy. The Dudleys. The Fabulous Freebirds. The Brainbusters. Demolition. The Rock and Roll Express. The Villanos. The Midnight Express. The Road Warriors. There was so much more that two men could do than one. Even novelty acts like the Killer Bees showed the advantage of a team with their ability to confuse the referee .
Now, Tag Teams are rare and seem to be thrown together only to fill a card. What happened to the camaraderie?. The win at any cost and do anything to save your partner mentality? Or, more importantly, the bonding of wearing matching trunks and sharing a ring rat?

The only TEAM in recent memory to have come through the gates is the Highlanders.
... And look how they ended up.

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