Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"The Extreme" James Blade

If you wanna look at high flying technical excellence in wrestling, you need look no further than "the Extreme" James Blade.
If you want someone who can go toe to toe with anyone in the biz, be it hardcore, high-flying, or mat-based wrestling, look no further than "the Extreme" James Blade. If you're booking a wrestling show in Australia, and are looking for that marquee match, that match that will send the fans home saying "wow", then look no further, than "the Extreme" James Blade.
The man has held gold in virtually every wrestling promotion he has competed in. All except for his current home base, PWAQ.

James Blade returned to action there recently, ( after a lengthy absence ) in the 10 man War Games match at Southport, immediately targeting undefeated ( and seemingly unbeatable ) PWA International Champion Obie Cartel. Could another Championship reign be on the cards for the man who is regarded by all who have seen him, as one of the top ten wrestlers in Australia of all time?

I certainly hope so, because if there is one man in Australia I will proudly admit to being a complete mark for, it's "the Extreme" James Blade.Today's cartoon takes us back a number of years ( more than I care to count ), to when myself and my erstwhile sidekick, the ( self-proclaimed ) fabulous sebastian, were announcers for WCWA ( which later became MIW, before finally settling in as IPWA ). James Blade was a dominating force as the Cruiserweight champion, taking on all challengers, and beating all who dared step up. But the question on many peoples lips at the time, was whether Blade's dominance was down not only to his skill, but also to his questionable Cruiserweight size.

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