Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mad Dog

There have been many Mad Dog's in the great history of Professional Wrestling.Mad Dog Vachon may have been the first... he was certainly the most notable. Pound for pound, he may have been the toughest man ever in professional wrestling.... he was certainly one of the most feared. His brand of sadistic and vicious brawling eventually spawned future mayhem stars like Abdullah the Butcher, Stan Hansen, and Bruiser Brody... and also netted him the AWA World title on 5 separate occasions.Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer ( seen here with "Maniac" Matt Borne, who later went onto fame as Doink the Clown, and Percy Pringle, better known now as the Untertaker's manager Paul Bearer ) was a mainstay of many promotions in the American South during the 80's. Wild and crazy, in and out of the ring, Sawyer was perhaps one of the few "mad dog's" who may very well have been legitimately 'mad'. Sawyer was wrestling on the independent circuit when he died from heart failure due to an overdose in 1992, he was 32. Rumours circulated at the time, that his death may very well have been a hit, as he and fellow Pacific Northwest wrestler Billy Jack Haynes were said to have been smuggling drugs on a part-time basis. Either way, the fast life, claimed this Mad Dog far too early.Mad Dog Martin wrestled for some 2 decades around North America and the world. But his greatest claim to fame, was perhaps when he stopped being a mad dog, and instead became a "Frenchy" ( seen here with Dino Bravo ).Mad Dog Moretti was a regular for Don Owen's pacific Northwest territory, for more years than I care to remember. After the passing of Lonnie Mayne, Moretti changed his moniker slightly, and went from being a mad dog, to a moon dog, in honour of his late mentor. I still remember as Moretti wrestled, the fans chanted "Mad Dog Moretti - eats spaghetti"... Yes friends, derogatory audience chants have come a long way since then....and that brings us to the newest of the Mad Dog's, Australian Wrestling's own Mad Dog ( generally he is billed with no last name, although sometimes known as Mad Dog McRea ).Love him or hate him, in just over ten years, he has taken Australian wrestling by storm by becoming one of its most important and recognizable figures. Mad Dog has been in more hardcore deathmatches than he cares to ( or probably can ) remember, including defeating Mad Man Pondo for the JCW Championship, and then taking it to Big Japan Wrestling to defend ( in the process becoming Australian wrestling’s unofficial ambassador to Japan ). Mad Dog has definitely been through the wars in his "decade of destruction", but he carries his scars with pride... showing the world just what he has had to go through to be considered one of the best.

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