Monday, November 3, 2008


Miserable, whiny old bastard Raven gets the treatment this week.The man known as Scotty the body, Scotty Anthony, Scotty Flamingo, and even Johnny Polo, eventually found fame under his current, and best known gimmick... Raven. Described as depressed, nihilistic, sadistic and misanthropic, Raven was quick to catch on with the kids of the day, who mirrored many of the wonderful characteristics of this whiny grump.

For more than ten years now, this Mensa member ( I kid you not ), has updated and reinvented the character, keeping himself fresh in this age of change. Wrestling for all of the major organisations and federations, he has made the character, and himself ( tho at this stage, where one ends and the other begins may be negligible ) as marketable and well known as just about anyone in the sport. It surprises many, knowing his past indiscretions... that Raven is not only still wrestling, but still alive.

...and for that alone, my hat is off to him.

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