Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Road Warrior Animal

Hello again, I'm back... with my good friend Road Warrior Animal.

The Road Warriors were probably the biggest team of the 80's, both figuratively and literally. Huge muscle bound bodies, faces painted, and storming the ring to the sound hard rock... these guys were the prototype for everything that 80's wrestling would become.
With a slight nod of the head towards Max Max 2... obviously.
But as time went on, their image, like their phyisques, became a little softer...Hell, they had a ventriloquists dummy called Rocco as their manager for a while (though for obvious reasons they never liked to talk about that).A few years back, Hawk passed away, and Animal passed from our minds... Only to return to the WWE upon the release of a Road Warriors retrospective dvd, and reform his team with the talent-challenged Heidenreich. By this time, one could certainly question whether this was even the same Animal we remembered from old, or merely mister J with a "hair-cut like an indian" ( to quote Roddy Piper ), his face painted by some random childrens entertainer, and a village people moustache ( perhaps to try and finalise the "soft-cock biker look" he was once accused of trying to attain... thank-you Lisa ).Animal was released ( one would assume, back into the wild ) from the company, soon after... and then, he came back again. This time in TNA. As a mystery tag-team partner of all things... I personally choose to remember the Road Warriors as they were.

And in the words of fellow body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger-
“We must not compromise territorial range. Remember that only by following instructions can we hope to maintain a successful highway program.”

I couldn't have said it better myself.

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