Saturday, November 8, 2008


There have been many problem-solvers of note in modern history.

The Equalizer, the A-Team, the guy who invented that cream stuff that goes between the Oreo cookies, MacGyver ( he solved problems using Earth's gravity, how cool is that?? ), Magnus Pyke, and Gordon Brown, to name but a few. But do any of them really stand-up to the problem solving abilities of Travis ( or occasionally Tyson ) Tomko?
I mean here's a guy who helped make Christian a main event player in WWE, while establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with knock-out wins over top level talent like Rosey, the Hurricane, and... ummm... some other guys too I'm sure.
And then he went to TNA, where he... ah... helped Christian become a main event player, and er... established himself as a force to be reckoned with by hanging out with Kurt Angle, being a part of skits with AJ Styles, I think he pinned Shark Boy once too.

But Tomko was not done there, as a freelance "problem solver" he has been in high demand on the world stage, with much work on his plate. He's worked with George W Bush in helping America to become a leader in world economic markets. He's helped bring Senator John McCain's Presidential dreams to life. He's stopped that awful war in Afghanistan, and he's even managed to make Amy Winehouse clean, and sober. Why rumour has it, he was even the man in charge of iceberg security on the Titanic.

Travis Tomko, I for one raise my hat to you. You sir are indeed the best problem solver this world has ever seen... well, since Tony Blair anyway.

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