Tuesday, November 18, 2008


If there is a wrestling Promotion in Australia, it is likely that Vixsin has wrestled in it. And if Vixsin has wrestled in that promotion, it's likely she's bled there... or her opponent surely has.

5 years into her career, Vixsin has wrestled all around Australia ( SWA, PWA, PWWA, STF, UWF, PWAQ, TCW, RCW to name but a few ) cementing her reputation as one of the toughest, not only women wrestlers, but wrestlers in general to lace up boots in this country. Her match at Wrestlerock X against KrackerJak, is already the stuff of legend and even managed to get a write up or two in mainstream magazines as well...
( and does anything really say Australian wrestling more, than a barbed wire cricket bat? )
How long will it be til overseas beckons for this wrestling "force of nature"? A tour of Japan? An appearence at the Queen of Deathmatch tournament? Shimmer? Surely it will only be a matter of time until the overseas talent scouts come knocking. Nothing is out of the question for this world class grappler, and the world is undoubtedly her oyster.

And, I'm not just saying all of this because she scares me...
Well... maybe a little.

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