Monday, December 29, 2008

Brower Power

After stints in Australia, the WWWF and the rebel International Wrestling Association, Bulldog Brower proved that he had the ability to work with just about anyone... provided they were happy to be hit by things. He was, after all, perhaps one of the best "furniture movers" in the history of the sport. ( - from Stephen Johnson and Greg Oliver's fantastic book "The Heels" )
To the average fan, Brower was a larger than life character that hooked them right in, and kept them coming back. "Bulldog Brower was one of the great old-time heels that made me want to get into the wrestling business" said wrestling manager James Mitchell. " They called Brower the one man riot squad and it was easy to see why" added Southern Cross Champion Adam Bruiser, himself a throwback to the tough guy heels of yesteryear. " Nothing ever got in his way and anything that did was never the same again".

He's not wrong though, by any stretch of the imagination. In the last few weeks, I've revisited the Bulldog in various stages of his career, through the "Old School" telecasts on WWE 24/7, and Ron Miller's "Ruff Tuff and Real"... and what I've seen holds up real well to any of the modern madmen of the mat. Brower was a star for many years, in many territories, and his unique look I'm sure, caused many nightmares. But even now, many years after his death, there is no known defense, to "Brower Power".

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