Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Great Tojo

I always thought that late in his career, Hiro Tojo was promoted by the Imperial Japanese army, and became General Hiro... Turns out, they were in fact two different guys....

Tomotsugu Kutsuwada wrestled as a heel in South Korea, using the name "Ultra Tiger Mask", long before Satoru Sayama was credited as the first wrestler to use the gimmick. He also wrestled throughout the Orient, specifically in Japan with JWA and later All Japan Pro Wrestling. As Samson Kutsuwada he held the AJPW All Asia Tag Team Championship with Akihisa Mera. As Hiro Tojo, he was a regular on World Championship Wrestling in Australia for many years, first coming to prominence as a part of Big Bad John's Army. It was there he first won the NWA Austra-Asian Tag Titles ( with Waldo Von Erich ). He was later joined by his "brother" Hito Tojo ( as portrayed by Akihisa Takachiho, who would go on to more fame, much later, under the name of the Great Kabuki ), and the two enjoyed a tag-team title reign for many months, feuding with the likes of Mark Lewin, Spiros Arion, Mario Milano, and others. In 1976 he returned to Australia again, this time on his own, under the name of The Great Tojo. He wrestled predominantly as a single, but again went on to hold tag team gold, this time with Les Roberts. He retired from wrestling in 1977.Tomotsugu Kutsuwada passed away in 2004 after a lengthy battle with leukemia.

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