Friday, December 12, 2008

Sara Del Rey

Sara Del Rey is a child of the 80's and, perhaps unsurprisingly, a big fan of wrestling. As a child, Sara became so caught up in some of the storylines, that her mom thought it may be for the best if she stopped watching, and so, she went cold turkey for many years. But with the sports resurgence in the mid to late 90's, she found herself caught, once more, in wrestling's tractor beam. "At that time the women were getting to wrestle more than I remembered but they just looked so delicate and moved so awkwardly. I thought I could do what they do but better", Del Rey said recently.
Sara originally trained under Bryan Danielson (regarded by many as the best pure wrestler in the world today). "I have so much respect for him professionally and personally. He was the first trainer I had to really push and believe in me and I owe him a lot ". Del Rey made inroads quickly and, in the past few years has taken big steps in establishing herself as one of the sports top stars, becoming a mainstay in both the Ring of Honor, and Shimmer promotions, as well as working for a variety of independent federations both in the US and abroad.

Del Rey is already regarded as one of the top women workers in the world, but when pressed on wrestling's specific appeal to the masses, she found it harder to tie down. "I have no idea... I know I love it for the physicality but it seems like the majority of fans here in the states like the story lines or the good looking scantly clad bodies. I really don't know what it is about wrestling that appeals to people other than the emotion. I just wish more people saw the sport in it. It hurts my heart to see girls and guys get ahead in wrestling because of how they look. Really I think that is the problem with our society. Talent and ability is second to how attractive we's horrible. I would just like to see wrestling returned to being viewed as a sport."
But Sara Del Rey has a veritable untapped future in this great sport. Whether she is pulling out her Death Ray to confound opponents and amuse the fans, or whether she is slapping on a Royal Butterfly, and gaining yet another victory, she is always first and foremost an athlete, a wrestler... but never, a "diva". That much is clear. I asked her whether with all the success she has already encountered in such a short time, there was a point she stood there and thought "wow, I've finally made it"?

"Honestly no, not yet. I have had some moment's I look back on and I am proud of but when I think of my career I see the road ahead of me and not the road I have already traveled." Personally, I think that for the many stars she will face as time goes on, the road is going to be a very bumpy one.

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