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Jason the Terrible

Karl Moffat ( the original Jason the Terrible ) had a successful run with Stampede Wrestling, feuding with Owen Hart, with white overalls, a hockey mask, and a chainsaw. However, Bret Hart claims that he was bleeding too much in his matches. Ross Hart agrees, saying that "it was a bit of a turn off with our audience.
He also had a successful singles career with the World Wrestling Council twice winning that promotion's Television Championship as well as its Caribbean and Tag Team titles between 1987 and 1989... likely, their audience loved the extra blood.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Xmas

Ok... it's not really wrestling related... I could say it's Xanta Claus I guess... but it's not...
So Merry Christmas to you all anyway.

much love. J.

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Seoul, the former PWAQ Queensland champion, continues to impress with each and every outing... But I still don't understand his insistence on retaining the services of "manager extraordinaire" ( his words ), Donnie St Michael...

For the record, rumours also have it that Donnie St Michael is so stupid that when he heard that 90% of all accidents occur around the home, he moved. He also once tried to drop acid, but the car battery fell on his foot ( which I guess explains the moon boot ). Donnie St Michael is so stupid that when you stand next to him ( as I had to do at PWAQ's show last weekend ), you actually hear the ocean.

Which is not to say, that if Donnie St Michael actually somehow manages to win his match against Mark Williamson next month, that I might disavow any knowledge of this post.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hulk Hogan has returned ( if he ever REALLY left ).

Not only has he signed a partnership with TNA, he has also embarked on a tour of Australia ( and possibly other parts of the world later ), facing off against none other than longtime rival the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair.
Back in the mid to late 80's, the news of Hogan facing Flair, would have been the biggest news to hit wrestling ever. Bigger than Austin, bigger than Rock, bigger than Vince's ego, Jimmy Valiant's beard, or Kamala's belly... Bigger perhaps, than all of these things combined. When Flair signed with the WWE in 1991, anticipation built that he would finally face off against the Hulkster, and we would finally have our answer to just who was the best. But the few bouts they had were largely disappointing, and the proposed program between the two was eventually scrapped in the midst of steroid scandals, court cases, and fights over the last bottle of peroxide.

Much water has passed under the bridge and through the urinals at many arenas since then. Ric Flair retired, Hogan has faced divorces, legal battles, reality tv cameras... Both men have had their children enter the spotlight... Hogan has had surgeries, Ric Flair has had unexplained black eyes... But when the dust settled these two warriors ( not Ultimate Warriors you understand... nobody wants to see THAT rematch ), dusted themselves off, and were ready to do battle once again. And perhaps now, more than two decades later, we can finally get our answer.

As I type this, sitting in an airport in Australia, awaiting my lift to take me to one of these show-downs... I can't help but think of young Terry Boulder, and "Rambling" Ricky Rhodes when I see the carnage these two have already caused in their bloodbath in Melbourne. They may be older ( though neither man shows any sign of grey hair ), but they are also wiser ( current legal and financial problems notwithstanding ), wilier if you will... And that promises to make for a battle for the ages. Well, either that or a more highly publicized equivalent of those two old blokes you saw fighting at the pub the other week. But either way, it will be settled, once and for all...

And tomorrow you will ask yourself "just who is the best?", and you will answer yourself... "Ric Flair"... just like you always have.
( * these pictures of Brooke Hogan are entirely gratuitous and have nothing to do with my article... I'm just follwing the fabulous sebastian school of layout started over at dvdpurgatory, and ending my post with shots of a hot girl )

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chris Hero

I have had the pleasure of meeting Chris Hero on a few occasions, and calling his matches as well. He has always impressed me as not only a true professional inside the ring, but outside as well. So here's a cartoon where he's mistaken for a sandwich.

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Old School?

For the record... Steve Corino IS younger than me though.

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Dingo Cannon

There are very few Europeans who work as regularly contracted employees in Japan. There are even fewer from Australia. In fact, the only one that immediately comes to mind is Dingo Cannon, who currently wrestles for Okinawa Pro (amongst others).DINGO Cannon Represented Australia on the National Freestyle Australian Team in the Oceana games in Western Samoa in 1992,achieving a bronze medal at these games. He then went on to the Australian championships and world championships olympic freestyle wrestling games. In 1997 he decided to leave Australia and pursue Pro wrestling overseas, and was accepted into the legendary Hart Brothers School of Wrestling In Canada where he began Training.

Cannon was geting ready to go to Japan to wrestle when was injured in the ring,and three operations latter was forced into a most unwelcome retirement in the year 2000. In 2005, he decided that it was time to try for a comeback, as being away from the ring was to hard to cope with. He started training at Golds gym in Sydney,which is where he met his future Tag team partner, the mighty Taipan. Dingo and Taipan trained together and became the IWO( Impact Wrestling Organisation) Australian Tag team champions. From there they made their way to Tokyo Japan together wrestling shows under the name of the legendary Croc Masters.
In 2006 Dingo was offered a contract in Japan with Super Delfin's Osaka Pro Wrestling,the fast paced lucha mexican style japanese wrestling company, and debuted that year as Dingo on Sky Sports TV. Becoming the first Australian in history to sign a full time TV contract In Japan. Going on to wrestle in the Pay Per View Called Hurricane and wrestling for the Michinoku Pro heavy weight title, Dingo then was entered into a tournament in which the winner Would become the New Japanese masked funny man Ebessan. Dingo went on to win,and made a media frenzy in Japan becoming the New Ebessan Wrestler ( the First non Japanese to hold such an honour ) .

Super Delfin the owner of the company and legend wrestler of the 80's decided to open a new Company in Okinawa. Taking only 7 wrestlers with him, Delfin Asked Dingo to re sign with him and open the new company and become a new masked Character in the name of Kijimuna. Dingo signed a new contract as Kijimuna and left for Okinawa Japan, where he has a full time TV contract with Asian Sky A sports, and is a regularly doing Adverts for Noodle snacks & appearing on crazy Japanese game shows. His wrestling schedule is hectic by anybodies standards, with 7 live shows a week, and most weeks, many more.
With well over 500 matches in Japan under his belt, Dingo is certainly the most successful Australian pro wrestler to ever compete in Japan, and already fast becoming one of the most successful non-Japanese competitors ever.

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Metal Master

And while we're on the subject of OVW... Anyone who knows me, knows I love the gimmicks of old. And what's a better gimmick, than that of the mysterious masked man... A man such as Metal Master.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

JD Maverick

OVW continues to be an entertaining wrestling show, week in, week out. Much of my enjoyment comes from the heart of the show, Dean Hill and Kenny Bolin... But some of the wrestlers have come a long way as well since their split with WWE.
And if you;re looking for one to bank on, you need look no further, than the "Top SHelf Talent" of guys like JD Maverick.

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Los Guerreros del Infierno

Los Guerreros del Infierno (Spanish for "The Soldiers From Hell") is a Lucha Libre (Professional wrestling) stable based in Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) in Mexico that has existed since 2000. The group was created as a splinter group of Los Infernales and initially used the name until they were forced to change their name in 2001 and then became Los Guerreros del Infierno. When Atlantis joined the group in 2005 they adopted the name Los Guerreros del Atlantida, which is used interchangably with the "Guerreros del Infierno" name. The stable currently consists of founding members Ăšltimo Guerrero and Rey Bucanero as well as Atlantis.

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Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar was a champion amateur wrestler who arrived in the WWE with much pomp and circumstance, quickly showing his dominance with a combination of strength, technique, and agility to become the youngest champion in the company's history.

His stay in the WWE was shorter than expected as Lesnar decided he needed new challenges. Tho his propsed NFL career faltered, "The next Big Thing" never stopped looking for places to prove his dominance. The Rock had already cornered the roles for big jawed men in Hollywood, Jesse Ventura had done the same in politics, and Lesnar was rapidly running out of skin to be a canvas for aspiring tattoo artists, so he joined UFC (via New Japan Wrestling, K-1, and the court house).
Brock Lesnar's rise to UFC Heavyweight Champion was even quicker than his rise in WWE... proving, once again for the benefit of all the doubters, that the WWE is the toughest federation on the planet, full of the toughest men.

Lesnar has shown there is life after the WWE, which gives hope to wrestlers like the Boogeyman, Mantaur, Vinnie Vegas, the Red Rooster, and even former WCW Champion David Arquette... Men whose future I have often worried about ( but not, it must be said, as often as I have been worrying that brock Lesnar will see this new cartoon, and actually understand what "brachiate" means ).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mark Hunt

I've been drawing some MMA toons again recently... more on that later...

Friday, August 7, 2009

Tojo Yamamoto

Yamamoto had success as a heel as an individual wrestler and part of a tag team, particularly in the southern United States, invoking the natural hatred for World War 2 enemies (in his case, Prime Minister Tojo and navy admiral Yamamoto; as successful were the von Brauners, who wore Iron Crosses and goose-stepped around the ring). He was affiliated with Nashville-area wrestling promoter Nick Gulas for most of his career.
Yamamoto later became a manager of other wrestlers. His rise to fame late in his career took place in the late-1980s, when Yamamoto, while in World Class Championship Wrestling, was managing Phil Hickerson, who was known as P.Y. Chu-Hi. They were involved in a lengthy storyline with Eric Embry, involving control of the World Class promotion. Later, Yamamoto and Hickerson worked a storyline with Chris and Toni Adams, which began with an attack on Toni by Hickerson and Yamamoto during a wrestling match at the Sportatorium. Yamamoto and Hickerson left World Class in 1990, but Yamamoto returned to the Sportatorium in early 1991 (under the USWA banner) to manage Embry, who had turned heel.

He retired in 1991 due to health problems which included diabetes. He died in Hermitage, Tennessee in 1992.

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After the Sheepherders left WWC Butch decided that he wanted to return closer to home and went to Australia to wrestle. Luke remained in the United States determined to keep the "Sheepherders" name on everyone’s lips, and started teaming up with "Lord" Jonathan Boyd (Formerly of the Royal Kangaroos). The duo of Williams and Boyd quickly gained a reputation of one of the most violent, hard hitting teams in the business.

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Kendo Nagasaki

Kazuo Sakurada debuted on June 21, 1971, in the old Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance against Kim Duk. When the JPWA collapsed in 1973, he joined All Japan Pro Wrestling. In 1976 he made a North American tour, and his stock increased in earnest.
Mr. Sakurada found his earliest success in Stampede Wrestling. He defeated two-time champion Leo Burke to win his first and only Stampede North American Heavyweight Championship on May 20, 1978 in Edmonton, Alberta. He then became highly regarded in Stampede's tag team division, defeating Keith and Bret Hart in early 1979 to win his first International Tag Team title with Mr. Hito. Their second win came later on the same year after the defeat of Dory Funk, Jr. and Larry Lane, only to be toppled once again by the Hart brothers.

In the early 1980s, Sakurada had started working in various southern promotions starting with the Continental Wrestling Association in Memphis. During this time, he began using the "Kendo Nagasaki" gimmick, a Japanese Samurai character previously made famous by British wrestler Peter Thornley dating back to 1964. This incarnation was vastly different however; rather than wearing a mask, Sakurada wore face paint and a highly alternate style all together. His fierce character also made famous the Asian mist and frequently employed the Kendo stick as his signature weapon. As Nagasaki, he found a most prominent win in his victory over Jerry Lawler for the NWA/AWA Southern Heavyweight Title in 1982. He would lose the title back to Lawler before pursuing new territory.
After the Memphis territory, Nagasaki worked for Florida Championship Wrestling and Southeastern Championship Wrestling. He faced some of the top competition in the Florida territory throughout 1983 and 1984, and on January 22, 1984, he captured the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship from Mike Rotundo. This kicked off a rivalry with the reputable Billy Jack Haynes, resulting in his title victory over Nagasaki in March of the same year. Later, he performed on WCW television, using the stage name "The Dragonmaster". While there, he joined Gary Hart's J-Tex Corporation stable consisting of Terry Funk, Dick Slater, Buzz Sawyer, and Keiji Mutoh (previously Super Black Ninja). This heel group, conceived in 1989, feuded with the Four Horsemen until ultimately disbanding the following year after a blow off steel cage match.

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mister J - Ace Caricaturist

And anyone who notices a slight resemblance between Kamala the Ugandan Giant, and Skull the Troll from PVP... good on you... now go buy some PVP books... he's funnier than me anyway... sigh.