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Adrian Street

A pioneering British wrestler, "Exotic" Adrian Street took glitter, glam, and make-up to the extremes, and in doing so paved a path for himself to the other side of the Atlantic.

After a time as "Kid Tarzan" Jonathan ( a name influenced by Don Leo Jonathan ), Adrian decided he needed to try and make it to the main event, and would not be happening for "Kid Tarzan". He bleached his dark hair blond, and commissioned himself some colourful wrestling garb. As Glam Rock took to London, Adrian started to apply the make-up with a trowel, and both the wolf-whistles and bigger matches, started coming his way. Basically portrayed as a drag queen in wrestling boots ( but never stating anything outright ), he formed a team with the similarly styled "Beautiful" Bobby Barnes, and the two whipped up a storm wherever they appeared.
As the 80's dawned, so did International stardom, as Adrian left the UK for new challenges in North America. Street played the Americans at their own game, and his "Exotic" image managed to outshine many, even in feuds with such heavy-hitters ( and future hall-of-famers ) as Randy Savage, Jimmy Valiant and Dusty Rhodes. And that is to say nothing of his many musical endeavours.A few years back Adrian contracted lung cancer, allegedly due to his proximity to large amounts of second hand smoke. He put his career on hold to receive chemotherapy treatment, which caused the loss of his legendary hair. Recently, he has resumed wrestling.

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Throughout wrestling history, there have been countless Russian stars.
A-level Russians would be guys like the Koloffs and Nikolai Volkoff.
B-level would be Boris Zhukov & Krusher Kruschev.
C-level would be Chris Markoff, Soldat Ustinov and Alexei Smirnoff.
Korstia Korchenko is like a level-Y Russian, which from a wrestling stand-point, sits him somewhere between the likes of the Ding Dongs, Friar Ferguson, and Lazor Tron.
...And to be a worse Russian than a Scotsman with a speech impediment, that takes some effort. But what can you say about a guy whose main claim to fame is that he holds the "only recorded victory over Idi Amin"? As far as wrestling boasts go... that one fails on virtually every level.

Actually, I take back what I said... Lazor Tron is way cooler than this guy.

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Australia Day

My buddy the Jackaroo was always my first choice for my Australia Day cartoon. Sure I considered his pal from Humpty Doo, Outback Jack, and for a time I even considered the Royal Kangaroos... but eventually, it all came back to the "Outback Icon", the only man to ever walk naked across the Simpson Desert, multi-time champion, the Jackaroo... so here he is.
Happy Australia Day to you all.

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Sir Mo

On my recent post on Wrestling Royalty, I forgot to mention one of the greatest Kings of all time in wrestling... King Mabel ( who was, for a time accompanied by his royal buddy Sir Mo )...
For this oversight... I apologise to you, one and all...

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Sgt Slaughter

Sgt Slaughter has served his country well. He protected the US of A from Iran when he battled the Iron Sheik in the WWF. He was then replaced in the hearts of fans, by a less "Stacy Keach in his chubby years" looking blonde, white god and instead moved to the AWA where he defended the American way of life from the evils of Poland (via Pittsburgh), Uganda (via Mississippi), the dreaded Soviet Union (via Minnesota), apartheid loving South Africans (from Portland), and Middle Eastern terrors (some of who even hailed from the actual Middle East).
Ever the trend-setter, the Sarge started decrying George Bush's war in Iraq (a good decade before the likes of "johnny come lately's" such as Michael Moore and the Dixie Chicks jumped on the band-wagon), and became an Iraqi sympathiser, aligning himself with the much misunderstood General Adnan ( who since, with elocution lessons, is now much more understood ). Eventually though, Slaughter realised the error of his ways and, after rescuing Hacksaw Jim Duggan (a scenario that was the unacknowledged inspiration for the movie Black hawk Down), became a fan favourite again, before retiring from active duty to become commissioner, a stooge, and then later be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.Released from the WWE a week or so back, it could very well be a hard road back for the Sarge, as he searches for a new way to put his skills, uniforms and colourful use of the English language to good use. Last I heard he was still waiting for a call-back from the Village People, the directors of both the new G.I Joe movie and the Jerry Springer Show, as well as the Miami Parking Officers Guild. I for one, join the WWE, in wishing him good luck in all his future endeavors.

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Hardcore Holly made the following announcement this evening:

Hardcore Holly released

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the re
lease of Raw Superstar Bob "Hardcore" Holly as of today, January 16. WWE wishes Bob the best in all future endeavors.

Bob Holly had been with the company for 15 years, under a few guises before his current, most well known one. Who can forget Thurman "Sparky" Plugg, or "Bombastic" Bob??

What's that?? Oh, you already had... sorry about that.

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For those of you who came in late... today I am trying to explain the Dawn Marie/Al Wilson/Torrie Wilson feud/love triangle of 2002-2003.

Dawn Marie attempted to marry Torrie Wilson's real-life father Al Wilson. During this procedure, she also revealed that she had developed feelings for Torrie, and the two shared an on-screen kiss. Dawn then offered to cancel the wedding if Torrie would go to a hotel with her for the night. Despite these developments, Dawn's feelings for Al also grew, and the two got married on an episode of SmackDown! ... in their underwear... as you do... ( still, rather them than Billy and Chuck ).

Al then died from a heart attack, after having rigorous sex, numerous times in succession, on their honeymoon. In response, in a fit of remorse and anger, Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn on PPV at No Mercy in October. She defeated Dawn Marie again at the Royal Rumble in the first ever "Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter" match. This feud lasted approximately nine months.

Am I alone in raising my hand to say I kind of enjoyed it??

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Trish Stratus has called Victoria’s retirement from the WWE the end of an era. I am inclined to agree. Former WWE star Stratus was writing on her WWE Universe blog and said Victoria’s departure was the last of a group of women who "collectively raised the bar in women’s wrestling."As Victoria herself stated on her MySpace - "It's been announced on, so I guess I should address it. This Friday's Smackdown is my last match with WWE. I started with the company in 2000. I have had so many once in a lifetime experiences. It's been incredible. I was part of an era in Women's Professional Wrestling that will never be duplicated again.

Choosing to leave was a very difficult decision. I think many of my colleagues considered me a "lifer". That is, they thought I'd be with WWE until I was old and grey. But I was not happy with the oppurtunities that were available to me within WWE. And at the end of the day, there are thousands and thousands of women who would kill or die for the chance to be a WWE Diva. It isn't right for me to fill that spot if my heart weren't in it.

And I didn't make a rash decision to walk away. On many occasions I pushed for the Victoria that I'd want to watch. But we were on different pages. I respect their decisions, and they are their decisions to make. Being with WWE is very time consuming. And again, with where we were at, I would rather spend more time at home."

She spoke again on WWE Fan Nation - "I referenced one of my favorite movies on my MySpace blog...Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original, not the creepy new version). For me, a nine year career with WWE was winning the Golden Ticket. I got to experience the magical inner workings of the WWE. I had numerous once-in-a-lifetime experiences. I was a contributor to a special time in Women's Wrestling. I earned the respect of the Women that built this business. Women like the Fabulous Moolah, and Sensational Sherri.

It was with the help of women wrestlers who have my eternal respect, like Jazz, Molly Holly, Lita, Trish, Ivory, Chyna, Jaqueline, and so many more...all who have moved on before me. And I hope I earned their respect. "

For what it's worth... she certainly gained mine.

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"Cry-Baby" Jim Breaks

Bradford's Jim Breaks is among the elite of stars, whose ring antics helped fill arenas over two decades. He acquired his nickname by always showing a tendency for childish tantrums when he pushed opponents too far and they retaliated in kind. Similarly, Jim was never short of a sharp word for opponents, referees, or indeed even anyone at ringside who caught his attention. This trait never masked the fact that Jim Breaks was a brilliant lightweight wrestler who could compete with the very pinnacle of the wrestling community. ( from the "Grapple Manual" )

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"Mighty" John Quinn

Former Canadian Lumberjack John Quinn became one of the biggest box ofice stars of the 1970s and 1980s in the UK, when on National television he branded British "cowards" and threw out a challenge to all heavyweights to step in the ring with him. One quick to accept was Big Daddy and their feud would later climax in a sold-out clash at Wembley Arena before 10,000 people.
Standing 6'5" tall, the man mountain from british Columbia had been a stalwart of Stu Hart's Stampede Promotion, as well as following the tournament circuit in Europe. He also wrestled for a time in the WWWF as the ( geographically confused ) "Kentucky Butcher", where he faced world champion Bruno Sammartino on a number of occasions. Quinn caused a major upset in 1980 when he defeated Wayne Bridges to hold the World Heavyweight title ( UK version ), with Bridges having to retire from the match due to a bad wound on the forehead inflicted by the canadian giant.
Regularly tagging with the likes of Yasu Fuji, Giant Haystacks and Kendo Nagasaki, John Quinn can be counted as one of the most successful ever imports from foreign shores for British promoters.

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Feats of strength in wrestling used to be a regular thing.

Whether it was Bruiser Bedlam hammering nails in with his bare hands, Danny Hodge crushing apples, Mighty Igor pulling buses, or Dino Bravo breaking world power lifting records ( with help from his "spotter" Jesse Ventura ), many wrestlers got their initial pushes, based on their incredible strength...

Ken Patera, Ted Arcidi, Bill Kazmier, Scott "Flash" Norton, Doug Furnas, Wayne Bloom, Mark Henry and Ivan Putski all spring to mind...

But the Brits had their own strong men too... What about Alan Dennison?!?

The "Strongman" nickname was appropriate for this Northern hardnut who resembled the Mighty Atom. Smaller than he appeared on television the biceps bulged and Dennison was always willing to use his strength to overcome opponents. After turning professional in 1958 Alan soon became a familiar face to the television fans For many years he was one of the great bad men of the ring, but like so many the character mellowed in later years. He could change his style to suit the occasion but always gave value for money. In the 1960s The Dennisons team of Alan and Syd Cooper antagonised fans, especially when matched against the blue-eyed teams like the Royal Brothers and the White Eagles. When Cooper moved South it could have been the end, but his place was admirably taken by "Hooker" Ted Heath, the perfect replacement. A gentle and kind man Alan’s place in the nation’s heart was demonstrated when his untimely death was announced on the national television news."Alan Dennison didn't smoke or drink. If anything, he had a hangup about staying young" said Max Crabtree. "The day he died he had a heavy workout, and I think he overtaxed his heart. He was wrestling at the Floral Hall, Southport, a hot night. After the fight I went into the dressing room to say hello, and he had his head bent down, I thought he was winded. I said "are you all right, Alan?", but sadly he'd gone into convulsions and was in the last stage of dying. I couldn't believe it - still had his arm bands on, all his gear. Shirley went to get the manager and the ambulance, but by the time they had arrived, poor Alan had a massive heart attack and died. I went to the hospital, and from behind the screen all I could see sticking out was a pair of wrestling boots. I thought, how ironic: one minute they were cheering their heads off for him, and there he was, lying dead". - from "The Wrestling" by Simon Garfield. Strong men... another great wrestling staple of the past, now long gone...

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Tiger Jeet Singh

This cartoon is from another time. At around the time WWE were losing all their talent to WCW, Jim Ross was said to have remarked that WWE wasn't looking for guys the age of Savage and Hogan, that they were looking for the young superstars of tomorrow. And then they signed Tiger Ali Singh... and his dad.
Tiger Jeet Singh wrestled most of his career as a crazed heel, coming to the ring with a sword in his mouth (and using it to taunt fans and attack wrestlers). He went on to become the most successful Indian pro wrestler in history.

Tiger Jeet Singh wrestled (mostly as a freelancer) in Japan for 22 years. He was the first pro wrestler in Japan to defeat sumo wrestler Wajima. He is very popular in Japan; he explains, "If I slap some Japanese lady or man, they won’t wash themselves for weeks. Because they’ll say, ‘Tiger slapped me there.’ This is the respect they have for me."A multi-time champion in Canada, Australia, Asia, Mexico and the U.S, Singh is probably best remembered by current fans for his feud with Atsushi Onita in FMW, and his inclusion in the IWA King Of the Deathmatch tournament ( which was later won by Mick Foley ). He recently returned to action in Japan's Hustle promotion.

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Hawk and Cruz

Here's a couple of cartoons from my time with WCWA, which became MIW, before finally settling on IPWA. These cartoons were drawn for their programs of the time, and portray two of their top talents... Hawk ( not to be confused with Hawk from yesterday's post ) , and Cruz ( not to be confused with Tom, Penelope, or the missile of the same name ).

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Surely it had to happen sometime... that someone would say something nice about me in print. I must admit I expected it a little sooner, but still...

Puma is a wrestler who has appeared in TNA and wrestled around the U.S and the world. Here he appears, with a partner, in training for the Olympic limbo team...
...where he would have probably competed against this man...
Either way... Puma... nice guy... should be more like him... Guys that say nice things about me in the press, who also happen to be incredibly talented wrestlers... So why not draw another cartoon making fun of him you say? Sounds good to me angry voices in my head...