Friday, January 30, 2009

Adrian Street

A pioneering British wrestler, "Exotic" Adrian Street took glitter, glam, and make-up to the extremes, and in doing so paved a path for himself to the other side of the Atlantic.

After a time as "Kid Tarzan" Jonathan ( a name influenced by Don Leo Jonathan ), Adrian decided he needed to try and make it to the main event, and would not be happening for "Kid Tarzan". He bleached his dark hair blond, and commissioned himself some colourful wrestling garb. As Glam Rock took to London, Adrian started to apply the make-up with a trowel, and both the wolf-whistles and bigger matches, started coming his way. Basically portrayed as a drag queen in wrestling boots ( but never stating anything outright ), he formed a team with the similarly styled "Beautiful" Bobby Barnes, and the two whipped up a storm wherever they appeared.
As the 80's dawned, so did International stardom, as Adrian left the UK for new challenges in North America. Street played the Americans at their own game, and his "Exotic" image managed to outshine many, even in feuds with such heavy-hitters ( and future hall-of-famers ) as Randy Savage, Jimmy Valiant and Dusty Rhodes. And that is to say nothing of his many musical endeavours.A few years back Adrian contracted lung cancer, allegedly due to his proximity to large amounts of second hand smoke. He put his career on hold to receive chemotherapy treatment, which caused the loss of his legendary hair. Recently, he has resumed wrestling.

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