Thursday, January 1, 2009

"Happy" New Year

2008 saw the WWE do more of what they are good at... closing their relationship with Ohio Valley Wrestling ( and starting one with Florida Championship Wrestling, although the venue had no bathrooms, no air con, and they had no tv ), sacking and suspending wrestlers ( tho later welcoming many back with open arms, and using said suspensions as the basis of storylines ), travelling the world ( like Kane, from Kung Fu ), making bad movies ( tho who doesn't want to see mister Kennedy on the big screen... does anyone else wonder if he will shout his characters name, multiple times in peoples faces? ), letting Ron Simmons say "damn" ( I always pop for it ), and teasing us they were going to do something new ( tho I must admit Santino Marella constantly manages to come up with the goods ), then giving a title to HHH anyway.In 2009, I expect to see the WWE do much the same thing as last year... heralded returns, glorious defeats, heroes will become villains, and villains heroes... that sort of thing... and undoubtedly there will be at least one storyline that the world will agree, has well and truly, "jumped the shark" ( though hopefully not involving bestiality or incest this time Vince). But the big questions for the year ahead remain...Just how many times can HHH be champion? How many more Divas can WWE employ? Will Brooke Hogan ever return my phone calls? And will Al Gore finally make that long awaited appearance on WWE tv to argue that all the saline used in the Diva's implants, is actually encouraging Global Warming, by reducing the ocean levels?

Only time will tell.Much love and well wishes for the year ahead... and in the words of Bill Apter, I'll see you at the matches.

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