Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sgt Slaughter

Sgt Slaughter has served his country well. He protected the US of A from Iran when he battled the Iron Sheik in the WWF. He was then replaced in the hearts of fans, by a less "Stacy Keach in his chubby years" looking blonde, white god and instead moved to the AWA where he defended the American way of life from the evils of Poland (via Pittsburgh), Uganda (via Mississippi), the dreaded Soviet Union (via Minnesota), apartheid loving South Africans (from Portland), and Middle Eastern terrors (some of who even hailed from the actual Middle East).
Ever the trend-setter, the Sarge started decrying George Bush's war in Iraq (a good decade before the likes of "johnny come lately's" such as Michael Moore and the Dixie Chicks jumped on the band-wagon), and became an Iraqi sympathiser, aligning himself with the much misunderstood General Adnan ( who since, with elocution lessons, is now much more understood ). Eventually though, Slaughter realised the error of his ways and, after rescuing Hacksaw Jim Duggan (a scenario that was the unacknowledged inspiration for the movie Black hawk Down), became a fan favourite again, before retiring from active duty to become commissioner, a stooge, and then later be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.Released from the WWE a week or so back, it could very well be a hard road back for the Sarge, as he searches for a new way to put his skills, uniforms and colourful use of the English language to good use. Last I heard he was still waiting for a call-back from the Village People, the directors of both the new G.I Joe movie and the Jerry Springer Show, as well as the Miami Parking Officers Guild. I for one, join the WWE, in wishing him good luck in all his future endeavors.

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