Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tiger Jeet Singh

This cartoon is from another time. At around the time WWE were losing all their talent to WCW, Jim Ross was said to have remarked that WWE wasn't looking for guys the age of Savage and Hogan, that they were looking for the young superstars of tomorrow. And then they signed Tiger Ali Singh... and his dad.
Tiger Jeet Singh wrestled most of his career as a crazed heel, coming to the ring with a sword in his mouth (and using it to taunt fans and attack wrestlers). He went on to become the most successful Indian pro wrestler in history.

Tiger Jeet Singh wrestled (mostly as a freelancer) in Japan for 22 years. He was the first pro wrestler in Japan to defeat sumo wrestler Wajima. He is very popular in Japan; he explains, "If I slap some Japanese lady or man, they won’t wash themselves for weeks. Because they’ll say, ‘Tiger slapped me there.’ This is the respect they have for me."A multi-time champion in Canada, Australia, Asia, Mexico and the U.S, Singh is probably best remembered by current fans for his feud with Atsushi Onita in FMW, and his inclusion in the IWA King Of the Deathmatch tournament ( which was later won by Mick Foley ). He recently returned to action in Japan's Hustle promotion.

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