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Prior to embarking on his wrestling career, Rico Constantino entered Northwestern Military & Naval Academy. He graduated near the top of his class and at one point considered enrollment at West Point. Instead, Constantino returned to Las Vegas and settled into a career as a paramedic. This led to enrollment in the police academy, from which he graduated first in the entire state of Nevada. Constantino was also on the SWAT team at one point, paving the way for his next career as a bodyguard.
He later appeared as a regular on American Gladiators, and then became a member of Power Team. With them, he traveled the world impressing young people with feats of strength. At one point while with the Power Team, he was ordained as a minister to allow him to counsel kids.

From there he began his career in wrestling. In OVW he showed himself to be a good worker, with a strong, take-no-nonsense style. Naturally he was called up to the WWE soon afterwards, and repackaged as a homosexual stylist ( borrowing heavily from the "stylings" of Adrian Street more than a decade or two earlier ).

Still, he did the job well, and later, even turned face, when the crowd took to his over the top gimmick ( and valet Miss Jackie ). After a move to the RAW program, he even scored an upset victory over Ric Flair. Although he appeared to be on a roll, he was unexpectedly released by WWE on November 7, 2004.

He is currently, once again working in the field of law enforcement.

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The Wrestler

Oh come on now... it was an easy mistake to make. And seriously, are Courtney Love, Mickey Rourke, and Marisa Tomei ALL going to Janice Dickinson's plastic surgeon these days?!?

For the record, I liked the film a lot... but I didn't love it. You should still see it if you haven't already though, it is well worth your time.

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Mason Childs

I've known Mason Childs for a long time. I knew him when he was a face in the crowd, before he became a wrestler in the ring. And I have seen him come a LONG way, in a very short time.
Just the other night I watched him wrestle a fantastic match against New Zealand stand-out Rodger Ventura... and this is on top of recent great matches against the likes of Shadow Phoenix, Chris Hero, James Blade and Seoul.

A former PWA International Champion, one of the few Australian wrestlers to ever be ranked in the PWI 500, and recently voted #1 in an online poll of Australian workers...

The recently renamed "Dynasty" of Queensland wrestling, Mason Childs has a bright future in front of him. And i for one am pleased to have been witness to his progress thus far.

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"Sweet" Papi Sanchez

Sweet Papi Sanchez is the wrestler previously known as "Black Pain". You may see the similarity in these two photos, culled from Florida Championship Wrestling's website.

I'm not sure how the WWE would allow a wrestler to take the name of an ( undoubtedly ) trademarked performer ( Papi Sanchez ) ... But there you go.
Seriously though, I can't say I was ever a fan of Black Pain's in ring work, but I thought it was a strong gimmick... "Sweet" Papi Sanchez? In the words of Homey the Clown, "I don't think so".

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...And while we're on the subject of Steve Corino...

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Mr Wrestling

Professional wrestling is an easy sport to understand.
As easy as 1.........................2.............................3...........

...and onto today's cartoon...

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Public Enemy

Johnny Grunge realises, perhaps too late, that the path Public Enemy has taken during their stay in WCW is not necessarily a wise one.

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Christian Coalition

Christian, like most great American wrestlers, is Canadian.
He started in wrestling as Christian Cage ( the wrestling love child of Christian Slater and Nicolas Cage perhaps? ) before dropping the surname and entering the WWE. He found success in a tag team with his "brother", the big jawed Edge ( not the beanie wearing "guitarist" ), who himself was something of an evil vampiric poet at the time... and the two enjoyed championships and posing for the benefit of those with flash photography.

All good things come to and end, and Christian went solo, threw some tantrums, won more titles, became a sidekick to the stars, became the New People's Champion, and ended up as Captain Charisma ( not to be confused with Captain America, Captain Stubing or Captain Caveman ). Then he ended up in TNA, reinventing himself as the cleverly named and well-thought out, Christian Cage... and, after 11 years in the ring, became the "Instant" Classic.
It's been said that all roads lead to Rome, but in wrestling, all roads lead to the WWE, or at least back to the WWE, as the case may be. Christian is back there now as well, competing under the original but somewhat familiar name of... er ...Christian, and who knows what his future will bring? Well, Vince probably does, but with all the internet leaks lately, he isn't telling.

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Village People??

I seem to have been drawing an inordinate amount of cartoons referencing the Village People of late, as this cartoon from DVD Purgatory might attest to...
And that doesn't even include the one that will be seen in an upcoming issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated ( the latest issue of which is on sale now, with the various year-end awards and cartoons themed accordingly ).

I think people might be beginning to talk... hmmmmm... In fact, this whole post is beginning to seem like it may have been a bad idea... sigh...

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Bra and Panties

As WWE continues down it's PG path, and even Kelly Kelly ( who was previously an exhibitionist remember ) implies that bra and panty matches are now a thing of the past ( "we're high road now" said she ), my mind drifts back to a different time...

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Sheamus O'Shaunessy

The UK has had an amazing history in Professional Wrestling, and has produced many great talents. But there are only a few who have made the leap from the UK, into the International scene. Finlay, William Regal, Adrian Street, "Rollerball" Rocco, Paul Burchill, Nigel McGuiness and The British Bulldogs all spring to mind.

But the big question remains, the question never put more succinctly than by that great orator of our time, Bill Goldberg, when he said, "who's next?"

Many have already stepped up to the plate... Drew McIntyre, Doug Williams, Steve Lewington ( DJ Gabriel ), Stu Sanders, and Katie Lea... but the one guy who I believe is ready to break out and become the next big star in wrestling, is Sheamus O"Shaunessy ( seen here blinding tourists who may have mistakenly stared directly into the glare of his paleness ).
I mean, check out the guys credentials. He was trained by Larry Sharpe, the man responsible for releasing Bam Bam Bigelow, Balls Mahoney, Big Show, and King Kong Bundy into the world. Whilst wrestling for Irish Whip Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, and various other UK Indie promotions, he pinned the likes of Matt Striker, Xavier, Vampiro and D'Lo Brown, as well as the afforementioned Stu Sanders and Drew McIntyre. He's a former FCW Heavyweight champion ( pinning current ECW Champ Jake Swagger to win the belt ). He's already taken Triple H's Pedigree on an episode of RAW. And if you wanna know how tough he REALLY is... well he served as Bono's bodyguard for a time, and you've got to be tough to ward off the number of people that want to slap THAT guy around!!

Currently competing in WWE's developmental territory FCW, I think it's only a matter of time until the "fiery red hand" of the "big ginger headed fella" starts wrecking some serious havoc on a worldwide basis... "EASY!!" as Big Daddy might have said.

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Paul Burchill

Ok, I've gone back in time again... You should be used to it by now, surely.

I like Paul Burchill. I like him in WWE now, I liked him in FWA, I liked him in his first run in OVW, and I liked his "Ripper" gimmick... But you know, and let me go on the record now, once and for all... I REALLY liked Paul Burchill's pirate gimmick. I thought it was a lot of fun, and I thought that once he was given it, he gave it his all to try and put it over. He had some great segments, some great matches, and who can forget that series with Willaim Regal that ended with Regal portraying his buxom wench? Tho his later pirate wench, was far more buxom, and to be honest, sticks in my memory much more as well. She can be seen here holding a medium size sombrero to a pair marraccas.
Oh... and the cartoon also gave me a chance to draw Black Bart again... Yay!!