Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christian Coalition

Christian, like most great American wrestlers, is Canadian.
He started in wrestling as Christian Cage ( the wrestling love child of Christian Slater and Nicolas Cage perhaps? ) before dropping the surname and entering the WWE. He found success in a tag team with his "brother", the big jawed Edge ( not the beanie wearing "guitarist" ), who himself was something of an evil vampiric poet at the time... and the two enjoyed championships and posing for the benefit of those with flash photography.

All good things come to and end, and Christian went solo, threw some tantrums, won more titles, became a sidekick to the stars, became the New People's Champion, and ended up as Captain Charisma ( not to be confused with Captain America, Captain Stubing or Captain Caveman ). Then he ended up in TNA, reinventing himself as the cleverly named and well-thought out, Christian Cage... and, after 11 years in the ring, became the "Instant" Classic.
It's been said that all roads lead to Rome, but in wrestling, all roads lead to the WWE, or at least back to the WWE, as the case may be. Christian is back there now as well, competing under the original but somewhat familiar name of... er ...Christian, and who knows what his future will bring? Well, Vince probably does, but with all the internet leaks lately, he isn't telling.

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