Friday, February 27, 2009


Prior to embarking on his wrestling career, Rico Constantino entered Northwestern Military & Naval Academy. He graduated near the top of his class and at one point considered enrollment at West Point. Instead, Constantino returned to Las Vegas and settled into a career as a paramedic. This led to enrollment in the police academy, from which he graduated first in the entire state of Nevada. Constantino was also on the SWAT team at one point, paving the way for his next career as a bodyguard.
He later appeared as a regular on American Gladiators, and then became a member of Power Team. With them, he traveled the world impressing young people with feats of strength. At one point while with the Power Team, he was ordained as a minister to allow him to counsel kids.

From there he began his career in wrestling. In OVW he showed himself to be a good worker, with a strong, take-no-nonsense style. Naturally he was called up to the WWE soon afterwards, and repackaged as a homosexual stylist ( borrowing heavily from the "stylings" of Adrian Street more than a decade or two earlier ).

Still, he did the job well, and later, even turned face, when the crowd took to his over the top gimmick ( and valet Miss Jackie ). After a move to the RAW program, he even scored an upset victory over Ric Flair. Although he appeared to be on a roll, he was unexpectedly released by WWE on November 7, 2004.

He is currently, once again working in the field of law enforcement.

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