Thursday, March 19, 2009


Professor J is back, with another lesson. The subject of todays lesson is spiders... kind of.
Now you may notice a few similarites between these two species of spider, but I can assure you that both came from original thought, and intelligent design ( ok, saying there was any sort of intelligence behind Arachnaman may be pushing it ). Arachnaman appeared on WCW tv in the early 90's, and perhaps rather unsurprisingly, disappeared soon after Marvel comics brought lawsuit against them. Come on, I'm sure is was possible that radioactive spider might have bit someone else BEFORE he bit Peter Parker, right? Man, I would have loved to see THAT case argued in court...

But for now... you can enjoy Arachnaman's tv debut in all its glory. Watch as Brad Arachnaman, takes on the great Doug Somers, by clicking - here.

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