Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mark Mercedes

While we're talking about Australian Wrestling ( we were yesterday, keep up )...
Here's a cartoon I drew a number of years ago, that got me a little heat. Either way, I still think it's kind of amusing.Mark Mercedes gained his initial training at the Malenko's Wrestling School in Florida in 1993. He returned to Australia, performed on various local shows, including both the Wrestleriot tours from the USA ( with talent like Jushin Liger, Chris Benoit, Jake Robert, Big Bossman, Dean Malenko, and others ), before heading back overseas. Whilst there, Mercedes appeared on syndicated WCW Worldwide tv show in a enhancement talent role.

In 1997 Mercedes wrestled for CWA Germany, a 6 month tour where he maintained a grueling schedule and teamed up with WWE's Rhyno ( wow... you know, I never knew that til this point... hmmmm ). Following Europe, he again appeared on WCW, and wrestled Rick Martel on WCW Monday Nitro in front of 30,000 fans at the Georgia Dome. Also wrestled a long list of American and Japanese stars before returning to Australia to help start the IWA with Tyrone Townsend.Toured Japan in 2000. Also wrestled in Tahiti, New Zealand & New Caledonia, he is a former 8 time IWA Heavyweight Champion, 2 times Trans Tasman Champion and once held the IWA Tag Team belts (with Billy Cole) as the New Crew. Faced the Mexican wrester Artifaz ( as seen on ECW ) during HRCW tour of Sydney in 2001. Was main event versus Jason Helton at Foxtel's Australian Wrestling Supershow 2002. Also wrestled Rick Steiner on WWA 2003 pay per view seen by millions of wrestling fans worldwide.
A definite main event player in the Southern hemisphere.

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