Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ronnie Garvin

Oh, like you've never thought it... You wanna talk about separated at birth, it's like looking in a mirror... You try to deny it...
Don't get me wrong, I got no problem with Ronnie Garvin... "Hands of Stone" is AOK in my book.

A former NWA World Champion, the story goes that the NWA was holding its first pay-per-view event, Starrcade the same month WWF was holding its Survivor Series. As such, Jim Crockett chose to face the strong WWF competition by having Flair win the title. This of course meant that Flair had to lose the title first, and that whoever beat him, would only be an interim champion. That's where Garvin intervened. Most wrestlers declined the offer, but Garvin, assuming that at 42 it may be his last chance to hold the major NWA title, accepted to fill the role. Unfortunately for him, whilst the fans had been all behind him in chasing the title, most did not want to see him WITH the title, or rather, Ric Flair without it.

Still, he had a short run in the AWA after this period ( managing to get a crowd to cheer him as a heel champion and boo the face challenger Greg Gagne ), and a great run in the WWE as well - engaging in an incredibly entertaining series of matches with Greg Valentine. The two battled at the Royal Rumble 1990 in a Submission match, which Garvin won to end the feud. After that, Garvin was not involved in a major feud, and he left the WWF at the end of the year.

He returned to the independents, mainly in The Carolinas, on a semi-retired basis and can still be found in 2005 as a wrestler or special referee in the independents in the Mid-Atlantic area. Garvin now owns several used car dealerships in Gaston County, North Carolina and is also a successful and accomplished pilot.

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