Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sara Jay

There are many things to like about Sara Jay. The running, flying, dropping elbow off the ring apron. The hurracanrana from the top rope. The way she enters the ring... But the most talked about aspect is the shorts. Unfeasibly short. Illegally tight. They are justifiably burned into everyone's mind for an eternity.
One of the thrills in following the independent wrestling scene is seeing new talent blossom. Sara Jay is one such case. Debuting at the age of 16, she immediately set about making a name for herself in this crazily competitive, male-dominated sport. Sometimes she drew the cheers and attention for her distractingly short, incredibly tight, shorts ( have I mentioned them already? ), but mostly, it was for her willingness to wrestle anyone, anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

She has wrestled for just about every federation in Australia, against the best female competition she can find ( and sometimes teaming with them as well, as the photo of her and TNA Knockout Christy Hemme above testifies ). Her looks and smile inspires mania in the audience as soon as she appears, and once she unleashes her mat and aerial skills, she wows them all over again. Beauty and ability are an uncommon pairing in wrestling ( despite the claims many so-called "divas" may make about themselves ), but Sara Jay has both of these things... in spades.
2009 looks to be her year, as she heads overseas to impress, dominate, and excite an audience on an even larger scale. It has recently been confirmed that the World Wrestling Council in the Caribbean have sought her out, and signed her to a deal.

Where next for this dynamo? Who knows?!? Did I mention her pants by the way?? They are very short...