Thursday, March 26, 2009

Steve Doll

Steve Doll, who wrestled with Rex King as the Well Dunn tag team in WWE during the mid-1990s, died on Sunday from kidney and heart failure, according to family and friends.
"He was on a ventilator for his breathing," former tag partner Reno Riggins told Slam Wrestling. "I've read on a couple of websites that said his family had to make a decision to take him off life support. That's incorrect - he passed away before that had to come to pass." Riggins says he was bed-side when Doll died in the hospital after doctors tried to pump his body with blood-pressure medicine, "but it kept failing."

Doll's health problems intensified a few years ago when he had a seizure after back surgery. He had five feet of his intestines removed, according to Riggins, then he lived in seclusion with his wife trying to deal with his health issues. "He was going to a pain management clinic, and to me, those places just mask the problem by keeping you doped up on pills," Riggins said. "And Steve, since he was getting prescriptions for those things, felt that they were legitimate."

Riggins says Doll dealt with his deteriorating health with pain pills. Riggins suggests that Doll was not going to be talked out of it. "I told Steve, 'I think you need to seek other ways to deal with this.' Everyone's got their demons ... but I think that was just one thing that had a grip on him, that he chose that over some other things in his life," Riggins said. "Sometimes you don't always make the right decision on things."
Doll began training in 1984 with retired wrestlers Rick and John Davidson. In May 1985, he wrestled his first match against Dick Slater in Shreveport, Louisiana.
He wrestled for Pacific Northwest Wrestling (PNW) from 1987 to 1992, winning a total of four Pacific Northwest Heavyweight titles and eighteen Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles in teams with Scott Peterson, Jimmy Jack Funk, Crush, The Grappler, and Rex King. With Peterson, Doll formed The Southern Rockers in 1987. Rex King joined him in the Southern Rockers when Scott Peterson left wrestling in 1989. As a tag team they wrestled together for over a decade, including when they signed together with the WWF, becoming known as Steven Dunn and Timothy Well, known then as Well Dunn.

They were used primarily in WWE as an undercard tag team but feuded with The Bushwhackers on several episodes of Monday Night Raw. From there he journeyed to WCW, in fact, Steve Doll was wrestling Mike Enos on WCW Monday Nitro when Scott Hall debuted in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) to start the nWo angle on May 27, 1996.

Doll went to the United States Wrestling Association as Steven Dunn. He defeated Doomsday for the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship. He was the last wrestler to hold that distinction until the USWA folded in 1997.

I was always a big fan of Well Dunn, and in fact, unaware of Steve's health issues at the time, drew him into a cartoon for PWI a number of months back. Breaking with the tradition of not putting my PWI toons on this page, I present that cartoon now, in honour of yet another fallen wrestler.

Much love to you all.

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