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Mr Pogo and Vampire Warrior

A couple more old cartoon illos that I believe were a part of my first submission to PWI.

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After officially signing a contract with World Championship Wrestling, Jay Ross, wrestling as Blitzkrieg, made his debut for WCW against Rey Mysterio Jr. on the company's flagship television show Monday Nitro on February 8, 1999. Over the next few months, he wrestled in the company's cruiserweight division against fellow cruiserweights Juventud Guerrera, Billy Kidman and Silver King on Thunder. Blitzkrieg later faced Guerrera in a rematch at Spring Stampede, with the winner becoming the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.
Ross, while still using the Blitzkrieg ring name, continued to work on the independent circuit, primarily in Southern California with Revolution Pro Wrestling and All Pro Wrestling, while continuing to work at his computer company. On December 12, 2004 at a Wrestle Association "R" event in Japan, Ross handed over his gimmick and mask over to Jack Evans, thus making Evans Blitzkrieg II for a short time and officially marking the full retirement of Ross from in-ring competition. After retiring, Ross began working full time as a computer technician.

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Jimmy Jack Funk

Barr was one of the top villains in Florida in the mid-'80s ( where he had ventured after starting out in his father's home base of the Pacific Northwest ), winning the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship from Scott McGhee in October 1984. He lost the belt to Brian Blair before regaining it and eventually losing it for good to Hector Guerrero in late April 1985. Barr teamed with Rick Rude to hold the United States Tag Team Championship for three months before turning into a fan favorite, and in early 1986 he feuded over the Southern Heavyweight Championship with a young Lex Luger.
After leaving Florida, Barr arrived in the WWF in April 1986 in a Lone Ranger-style mask as Jimmy Jack Funk, the storyline brother of Terry and Dory "Hoss" Funk, with whom he had previously worked in Florida. With Jimmy Hart as his manager, Barr debuted to a decent push, but Terry Funk's exit from the WWF in early June caused Hoss and Jimmy Jack to fall down the card as a tag team under Hart. Their most notable match together (and Dory's last in the WWF) was a loss to the Killer Bees in the opening match of The Big Event, a supercard at the Canadian National Exhibition Stadium in Toronto on August 28.
As the only remaining "Funk" in the WWF (and without Hart in his corner), Barr quickly became an aimless "jobber to the stars", losing regularly to the likes of Tito Santana, Koko B. Ware, Hillbilly Jim and Blackjack Mulligan and teaming with a series of journeymen with whom he had no previous storyline connection. He remained in the WWF in this capacity until June 1987.
After the WWF, Barr joined World Class Championship Wrestling, where he was a villain at first but turned into a fan favorite in 1989 after parting ways with manager Skandor Akbar. After World Class, Barr returned to Portland, where he finished his career.
Flash Funk was never "offically" named as a member of the Funk family... but I think we all had our suspicions.

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Printing the image of Brian Pillman yesterday, reminded me of another strip I drew on his passing. 12 years on ( has it really been THAT long? ), the toon looks a bit clunky to me, and mister J himself looks far younger... but I guess we all did back in 1997 right? Still, it's never seen print til now... maybe there's a reason for that... sigh.

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Hart Foundation

Every so often I used to be called upon just to draw caricatures of specific wrestlers. I haven't done that for a while ( beyond my recent Bockwinkel pic ) , so I thought I'd take the time and present a few old ones for you viewing "pleasure".
Today here's me impressions of part of the larger "Hart Foundation" family. The late Owen Hart, Davey-Boy Smith, and Brian Pillman. Rest in peace, one and all.

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Mantaur made his WWF TV debut in January 1995. He wrestled in his only pay-per-view match at the 1995 Royal Rumble and lasted almost 10 minutes in the Royal Rumble match before being eliminated by Lex Luger. He also wrestled in a qualifying match for the 1995 King of the Ring tournament. He was pinned there by Bob "Spark Plug" Holly and subsequently eliminated from the tournament. Other than that his only other major match, was against Razor Ramon.

During his brief stint in the promotion he wrestled such "superstars" as Duke Droese, Man Mountain Rock, and Bob Holly, losing to most. In his final WWF appearance, he served as a lumberjack in the Lumberjack match between Sycho Sid and Diesel at In Your House 2.
He later made appearences in the WWF as Goldust's bodyguard, in ECW as the gangster "Bruiser" Mastino, and in the USWA as "Tank", part of the Truth Commission.

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"Playboy" Buddy Rose

Trained by Verne Gagne and Billy Robinson in the early 1970s "Playboy" Buddy Rose went on to become one of the best working "big" men in the history of the sport. Wrestling primarily for the AWA, WWF, and for promoter Don Owen in Pacific Northwest Wrestling, his 20 year career memorable to most who saw him perform.

One of the most legendary feuds in the Pacific Northwest history, pitted Rose against "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. According to Piper in his autobiography, this was the feud that really made him a name in the business, and it cemented Rose's status as an icon of the region. Rose also had a long feud with "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka. His long-time tag team parter, Ed Wiskoski, stood by his side for three decades. A long relationship by any standard, let alone in wrestling.

When competing in the WWF during 1982-83, he would often work 90 days in a row. When finally he managed a day off, he would fly back to the West Coast and headline cards there. At the peak of his WWF run, he was main eventing at Madison Square Garden against Bob Backlund for the WWF World Heavyweight title. Rose, who also had some fantastic bouts with Pedro Morales during this period, was managed by the late, great, Grand Wizard.

Rose, wrestling as the masked Executioner, lost to Tito Santana in the opening match of WrestleMania 1985.
From the WWF he ventured back to the AWA, where he was managed by Sherri Martel, and formed a team with "Pretty Boy" Doug Somers. Rose and Doug Somers engaged in an epic feud with the Midnight Rockers over the AWA Tag Team Titles in 1986 and 1987. During this run, Rose was never pinned. It is said this feud carried the company for that period, which was starting to feel the pinch of Vince McMahon's continued talent raids. On a personal note, it cemented Rose and Somers as one of my top 10 tag-teams of all time.

A consummate heel, Rose was well respected for his great ability to both work the microphone along with being a ring general. He even turned his weight gain during the later part of his career into a gimmick. When the ring announcer listed his weight as 271 lbs., Rose would take the microphone away from him and say, "I do not weigh 271 pounds. I weigh a slim, trim 217." This would, of course, bait the crowd into a booing frenzy. On occasion, he would also do one-handed push-ups & kip ups in the ring, and challenge other more muscular opponents to a "pose-down." His Buddy Rose "blow-away diet" remains one of the high-points of Saturday Night's Main Event. It can be viewed in it's entirity - here.
His last match took place at Wrestle Reunion 2005 in Tampa, Florida. He competed in a six-man tag team bout pitting himself, Col. DeBeers (Ed Wiskoski) & Bob Orton, Jr. against Jimmy Valiant, Roddy Piper and Jimmy Snuka. This was billed as Jimmy Valiant's retirement match, but Rose (who took the biggest bump of the night) basically retired after this as a wrestler, and now only makes personal appearances.

You can check him out at his own website at -

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The Draft

Well, Wrestlemania is over, and now it's almost time for the Draft again... Has it really been a year already??

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Wrestlemania today. And although I have to admit, I am somewhat underwhelmed by the line-up... HEY... it's Wrestlemania. That's practically a wrestling public holiday. Whooooo!!!

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Wrestlemania Moment #1

In the lead up to this year's Wrestlemania, I will be presenting a few "Wrestlemania moments"... in honour of the "Grandaddy of them all"... Enjoy.

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Scotty 2 Hotty

Come on now... you know you do... Click here and then click here.
You know you want to.