Tuesday, June 9, 2009

P.N News

Paul Neu entered World Championship Wrestling in 1991 and was given a gimmick by booker Dusty Rhodes of a jolly rapper by the name of "The Rapmaster" P.N. News. He came to the ring and rapped before his matches. Before he hit opponents with his Broken Record finisher, he would have the production crew start his music again.
His highest profile feud in WCW was with then WCW Television Champion "Stunning" Steve Austin. Austin retained his title time and again by outside interference from Lady Blossom and by the 10-minute time limit running out just as he was about to be pinned. Their feud culminated at The Great American Bash in 1991, when accompanied to the ring by Salt-n-Pepa and with Bobby Eaton as his partner, he defeated Austin and his partner Terry Taylor in a Scaffold match, that pretty much destroyed that gimmick forever. After that, perhaps unsurprisingly, Neu was pushed down the card. In a match with The Angel of Death, he hit his top rope splash and came down hard on Angel's leg and knees, breaking his leg and effectively ending the Angel's career.Neu was taken off television until his WCW contract expired following the incident.After his WCW Contract expired, Neu moved on to Extreme Championship Wrestling, retaining the P.N. News gimmick, and then became part of the stable Da Baldies. Since then he has wrestled occasionally in Europe, under the name Cannonball Grizzly.

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