Sunday, June 28, 2009

A shill of sorts

It's been said that with the advent of cable tv, and the internet, that the wrestling mags dont hold the same place as they once did... and yeah, it's probably completely correct. But just because the place they now hold is a different one, doesn't mean it's any less important, or worth any less of your time and money.
Pro Wrestling Illustrated, 30 years on, remains a good read month in and month out. The columnists, writers, photographers ( and occassionally even that cartoon guy ) they have on tap are still the best in the business. Brandi Mankiewicz's "Off The Top Rope" is as snarky and spot on as it ever was, Dan Murphy continues to shoot straight, Dave Lenker's focus is still 20/20, and Lee South's photos still beautiful ( tho his subjects in many cases still help that result, is it possible to take a BAD shot of SoCal Val? ). Recent interviews ( here and in their sister mags Wrestler/Inside Wrestling ) with Stan Hansen, Nick Bockwinkel, Jimmy Valiant, Ronnie Garvin and others have given these legends up to 20 pages to tell the tale of their career in words and pictures.
Yeah, wrestling mags don't have the power, or the strength they once had. But they still have the heart, and they still have many things you will not see anywhere else ( and no I'm not just talking about the cartoons I do for them that can not be seen anywhere else ). Next time you're at the newstand, especially if you haven't picked a mag up in a while, do yourself a favour and forget the global economic crisis... pick one up... I don't think you'll be disappointed.

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