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mister J - Ace Caricaturist

And anyone who notices a slight resemblance between Kamala the Ugandan Giant, and Skull the Troll from PVP... good on you... now go buy some PVP books... he's funnier than me anyway... sigh.

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Jeff Jarrett

In the summer of 2002, the "King Of The Mountain" Jeff Jarrett organized the number one growing Professional Wrestling corporation today, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA). Not only is Jeff Jarrett the creator and founder of TNA Wrestling but he is also a former NWA Heavyweight Champion, WCW Heavyweight Champion, WWE Intercontinental Champion, & WWE Tag Team Champion.
His new four disc set ( Jeff Jarrett: King of the Mountain ) covers Jarrett's early career working for his father all the way up today to where he is in TNA. Throughout the four disc set, you will hear from Jeff Jarrett himself, TNA President Dixie Carter, Terry Taylor, TNA Executive Jim Cornette, TNA Creative Writer Vince Russo, TNA ring announcers Mike Tenay, Don West, & Jeremy Borash, The Harris Brothers, and members of the TNA roster including Sting, Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner, AJ Styles, Mick Foley, BJ James along with a few other people as well. The set is presented just like Kurt Angle's "Champion" two disc set as where Jarrett will discuss one topic which would then lead to a match.Also throughout the set, you will get 23 plus matches in their entirety along with a few great TNA moments involving Jeff Jarrett such as Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's first live PPV event where Jeff Jarrett confronted country singer Toby Keith, Jeff Jarrett attacking Hulk Hogan in Tokyo, Japan from 2003, and also the announcement of Kurt Angle coming to TNA.

A good set, but flawed from the fact that the bulk of Jeff's career was fought in companies where he unfortunately has no rights to his matches. That aside... and entertaining package well worth your checking out.

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Baron Von Krupp

Making his debut as a professional wrestler in 1957, the first half of George Momberg's lengthy career, as Dutch Momberg, was not particularly memorable. In 1972 he finally hit upon the gimmick that would make him a star, the character of the 'evil German', Killer Karl Krupp.

The German heel gimmick had been around a good twenty years by this time, first popularized by Hans Schmidt and carried further by later stars such as Fritz von Erich. A late entry into the field, Killer Karl Krupp was among the most wildly over-the-top of them all: with eyes bulging, head shaved and a short black beard framing a leering grin, Krupp was the very image of a wildly cartoonish yet frightening wrestling villain. He accessorized for the part with monocle, riding crop, heavy black boots and black ring cape, and delivered ranting promos in an affected German accent rife with mangled pronunciations ( wrestling has after all, never been accused of subtlety ). Utilizing other familiar staples of the German heel gimmick, Krupp goose-stepped to the ring, threw stiff-arm salutes, and used an Iron Claw as his finishing move. What was unknown to the public at the time was that the Dutch born Momberg hated the Nazis who had occupied his homeland, and he did the over-the-top gimmick as a way of mocking them, Hogan's Heroes-style. Despite these theatrics, Krupp was a convincing brawler in the ring. Remembered for often completely demolishing his opponents, he relished in inflicting pain on them with little regard for whether or not he was disqualified in the process of doing so.
During the 70's, Krupp had much success in the U.S, including defeating Leo Burke for the ESA's IW North American Heavyweight Championship, as well as sucessful runs in Texas, Detroit and Protland. But it was really Japan where he had many of his early successes. He co-held the NWA International Tag Team Championship twice between February and April 1973 (once with Johnny Valentine and once with fellow 'evil German', Fritz von Erich ). He also reached the final rounds of the 1974 and 1975 New Japan Pro Wrestling World League Tournaments, both of which he lost to Antonio Inoki.

In 1980, Krupp came to Memphis where he eventually joined Jimmy Hart's First Family of Wrestling stable and tangle with Jerry Lawler. He returned before long to Atlantic Canada, however, where he had a memorable run in Atlantic Grand Prix Wrestling, holding the European Title and feuding with The Great Mulumba and Hercules Cortez. In the mid-'80s, near the end of his career he toured New Zealand ( as mentioned in yesterdays post ), the high point being winning the British Commonwealth title from Steve Rickard.

In Scott Teal's Whatever Happened To... #41 newsletter, Ed 'Moondog' Moretti explained that Krupp had difficulty separating his wrestling character from real life. "Killer Karl Krupp... what a nice guy. I love him to death, but I think he actually believed he was Killer Karl Krupp. He had a partner in the Maritimes named Hans Hermann, who wrestled in Calgary as Butch Moffitt, the Jackal. We were at home and Krupp was telling him ... this is in a German accent now ... 'You cannot go outside. You cannot be seen at the beach with your family. You are a German wrestler and need to live this gimmick twenty-four hours a day if you want to get over."

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the Assassin vs Avenger

One of my first feuds I remember following, was that of the Avenger vs the Assassin ( tho who was actually under the mask remains a mystery... even tho he was unmasked to culminate the feud ). On The Mat, the local tv show, had masked guys before, but not as regulars, and not two at the same time. A great high flyer, and an evil doer aligned with the likes of Baron Von Krupp ( seen below ).

Wonderful memories, that I hope will soon be relived by the upcoming "A Kiwi Century On The Mat" documentary. The filmakers have set up their own website, and you can check out their progress - here.

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PWI again...

PWI turns 30! Mid Year report!! Photos of Daffney by Lee South that will make you wish you were wearing chain mail underwear!!! And all the other usual features to amuse and amaze... Pick it up while you can.
Oh... and that cartoon guy... Trying to make friends again...

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you know, that team...

I can't even remember the name of this team... D-Lo and one of the Headbangers... oh, don't tell me... ummmm...

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Before he was Batista, he was the demon Leviathan...

Tho I defy anyone to tell me, even without the fangs, that he isn't a freakier looking creature these days...

It reminds me of a previous cartoon I've drawn... now that I think about it...

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"Bullet" Bob Armstrong

When he was a child, Joseph James's father took him to see Gorgeous George wrestle. The young James was impressed and intrigued by the flamboyant performer. As a young man, James served in the Marine Corps of the United States armed forces and was stationed in Korea. During his recruit training in Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island on Parris Island, South Carolina, James was named Honor Man. After leaving the military, he began working for the Marietta Fire Department as a firefighter in 1962.

He debuted as a wrestler in the same year, adopting the ring name "Bob Armstrong". By 1966, Armstrong had become a popular face in the Savannah, Georgia area, and in 1969 he ceased working as a firefighter and began focusing on his wrestling career.
Armstrong achieved considerable popularity in the Southeastern United States, particularly in Alabama and his home state of Georgia. He frequently wrestled for affiliates of the National Wrestling Alliance, and on October 9, 1974 in Miami Beach, Florida, Armstrong unsuccessfully challenged Jack Brisco for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.
While bench pressing a dumbbell weighing upwards of 180 lb (82 kg) in a gym in Huntington, Georgia, the bench that Armstrong was lying upon broke, leading to the weight falling on his face. Armstrong's face was severely damaged and his nose was torn entirely off, and he required $38,000 USD worth of plastic surgery to repair it. While undergoing surgery, Armstrong donned a wrestling mask to conceal his disfigured features and began using the ring name "The Bullet". As "The Bullet", Armstrong feuded with the Stud Stable in Continental Championship Wrestling. He eventually discarded the mask after his surgeries were complete, but retained the nickname "Bullet" for the remainder of his career.

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El Generico

Another ROH themed cartoon... it's not a pattern tho, I swear...

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Austin Aries

New ROH Champion Austin Aries... Who I've only drawn once before... I was pretty happy with how I captured BOTH his looks.

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