Sunday, August 16, 2009

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar was a champion amateur wrestler who arrived in the WWE with much pomp and circumstance, quickly showing his dominance with a combination of strength, technique, and agility to become the youngest champion in the company's history.

His stay in the WWE was shorter than expected as Lesnar decided he needed new challenges. Tho his propsed NFL career faltered, "The next Big Thing" never stopped looking for places to prove his dominance. The Rock had already cornered the roles for big jawed men in Hollywood, Jesse Ventura had done the same in politics, and Lesnar was rapidly running out of skin to be a canvas for aspiring tattoo artists, so he joined UFC (via New Japan Wrestling, K-1, and the court house).
Brock Lesnar's rise to UFC Heavyweight Champion was even quicker than his rise in WWE... proving, once again for the benefit of all the doubters, that the WWE is the toughest federation on the planet, full of the toughest men.

Lesnar has shown there is life after the WWE, which gives hope to wrestlers like the Boogeyman, Mantaur, Vinnie Vegas, the Red Rooster, and even former WCW Champion David Arquette... Men whose future I have often worried about ( but not, it must be said, as often as I have been worrying that brock Lesnar will see this new cartoon, and actually understand what "brachiate" means ).

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