Friday, August 7, 2009

Tojo Yamamoto

Yamamoto had success as a heel as an individual wrestler and part of a tag team, particularly in the southern United States, invoking the natural hatred for World War 2 enemies (in his case, Prime Minister Tojo and navy admiral Yamamoto; as successful were the von Brauners, who wore Iron Crosses and goose-stepped around the ring). He was affiliated with Nashville-area wrestling promoter Nick Gulas for most of his career.
Yamamoto later became a manager of other wrestlers. His rise to fame late in his career took place in the late-1980s, when Yamamoto, while in World Class Championship Wrestling, was managing Phil Hickerson, who was known as P.Y. Chu-Hi. They were involved in a lengthy storyline with Eric Embry, involving control of the World Class promotion. Later, Yamamoto and Hickerson worked a storyline with Chris and Toni Adams, which began with an attack on Toni by Hickerson and Yamamoto during a wrestling match at the Sportatorium. Yamamoto and Hickerson left World Class in 1990, but Yamamoto returned to the Sportatorium in early 1991 (under the USWA banner) to manage Embry, who had turned heel.

He retired in 1991 due to health problems which included diabetes. He died in Hermitage, Tennessee in 1992.

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