Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dingo Cannon

There are very few Europeans who work as regularly contracted employees in Japan. There are even fewer from Australia. In fact, the only one that immediately comes to mind is Dingo Cannon, who currently wrestles for Okinawa Pro (amongst others).DINGO Cannon Represented Australia on the National Freestyle Australian Team in the Oceana games in Western Samoa in 1992,achieving a bronze medal at these games. He then went on to the Australian championships and world championships olympic freestyle wrestling games. In 1997 he decided to leave Australia and pursue Pro wrestling overseas, and was accepted into the legendary Hart Brothers School of Wrestling In Canada where he began Training.

Cannon was geting ready to go to Japan to wrestle when was injured in the ring,and three operations latter was forced into a most unwelcome retirement in the year 2000. In 2005, he decided that it was time to try for a comeback, as being away from the ring was to hard to cope with. He started training at Golds gym in Sydney,which is where he met his future Tag team partner, the mighty Taipan. Dingo and Taipan trained together and became the IWO( Impact Wrestling Organisation) Australian Tag team champions. From there they made their way to Tokyo Japan together wrestling shows under the name of the legendary Croc Masters.
In 2006 Dingo was offered a contract in Japan with Super Delfin's Osaka Pro Wrestling,the fast paced lucha mexican style japanese wrestling company, and debuted that year as Dingo on Sky Sports TV. Becoming the first Australian in history to sign a full time TV contract In Japan. Going on to wrestle in the Pay Per View Called Hurricane and wrestling for the Michinoku Pro heavy weight title, Dingo then was entered into a tournament in which the winner Would become the New Japanese masked funny man Ebessan. Dingo went on to win,and made a media frenzy in Japan becoming the New Ebessan Wrestler ( the First non Japanese to hold such an honour ) .

Super Delfin the owner of the company and legend wrestler of the 80's decided to open a new Company in Okinawa. Taking only 7 wrestlers with him, Delfin Asked Dingo to re sign with him and open the new company and become a new masked Character in the name of Kijimuna. Dingo signed a new contract as Kijimuna and left for Okinawa Japan, where he has a full time TV contract with Asian Sky A sports, and is a regularly doing Adverts for Noodle snacks & appearing on crazy Japanese game shows. His wrestling schedule is hectic by anybodies standards, with 7 live shows a week, and most weeks, many more.
With well over 500 matches in Japan under his belt, Dingo is certainly the most successful Australian pro wrestler to ever compete in Japan, and already fast becoming one of the most successful non-Japanese competitors ever.

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Scotty said...

Great wrestling success story despite adversity. Would love to see Dingo booked in the States.