Sunday, January 24, 2010

the Renegades

Kade Morgan is New Zealand’s only third generation wrestler, hence his nickname of "3G". Morgan follows in the footsteps of his uncle Rip Morgan (the last NZ heavyweight Champion of On The Mat) and great-uncle Butch of the Bushwhackers.

A graduate of the KPW "Wild 4 Wrestling" school, "The Technician" Shane Whitehead, comes from a very impressive athletic background, having eight years experience in amateur wrestling, eighteen months of Brazilian jiu-jitsu and one year of Muay Thai kickboxing already under his belt. He trained with Olympic-level wrestlers in the USA, and represented New Zealand overseas at a Commonwealth level in both the USA and Australia. Making his triumphant debut in his home town at River City Rumble in 2008, The Technician quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with. However, things turned sour following a losing streak where his opponents cheated to snatch victory from him. After one such loss to Jonnie Juice, The Technician snapped and turned his back on the fans. Frustrated at not being able to get ahead, he accepted Kade Morgan's offer to team up and enter the KPW Tag Team title tournament.

They went on to win that tournament, and become the KPW tag team belts. Cementing themselves as bona fide champions, and contenders to any belt in the South Pacific.

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