Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sheik vs Shatter

This weekend there's going to be some crazy NWA action, as the North American Heavyweight Champion the Sheik, defends his belt against the National Champion Phil Shatter. The last time these two met the ring could not contain them... Who knows what either man will pull out this time?

( From NWA press release ) During his reign as NWA North American Champion, The Sheik has met and defeated some of the top wrestlers around the world, including NWA National Champion Phill Shatter, Carlito Colon, Savio Vega and many more. However, The Sheik's actions outside of his matches have been despicable. From attacking and knocking the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce unconscious with a vicious chair assault, to the throwing of fireballs at opponents, to attempting to light Phill Shatter on fire at the conclusion of their previous match, the Sheik has shown no respect for the rules of the NWA and seems intent on simply creating havoc and injury wherever he may be. In spite of this, the NWA was prepared to order a title shot for The Sheik based upon his undefeated record as North American champ against world-class competition. However, The Sheik recently lost his NWA Midwest title to Sadist in a hotly-disputed cage match. Combining that result with his prior unsanctioned violence leads the NWA to make the following ruling as it relates to The Sheik's status as No. 1 contender:

In order to retain his status as No. 1 contender and receive a title shot at the NWA World title, The Sheik must not lose either match this weekend against NWA National Champion, The Universal Soldier, Phill Shatter. Should Shatter defeat The Sheik in either of these matches, the NWA will designate a new No. 1 contender for the title, with Shatter obviously being a strong consideration for that honor. Whomever emerges this weekend as the No. 1 contender will receive a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight title on or before May 1, 2011.

This news has upset the Sheik, who believes the NWA is running scared. In a press release from the Sheik's management team, they have stated that - "Once again, Bob Trobich and the NWA have shown their true colors to the world. They are running scared of The Sheik. They are using all means at their disposal to keep him from the Ten Pounds of Gold that he so richly deserves, The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Title.

NWA National Champion Phil Shatter is given shot, after shot, after shot, but still no shot for The Sheik. The racism is clear... The NWA North American Championship does not matter when it’s around the waist of an Arab. The Sheik continues to destroy every opponent put in his path while he plots his next move, and in August 2010, NWA Wrestling Legends FanFest in Charlotte, NC - He strikes. He attacks without warning and he attacks with a vengeance. He knocks out NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce with a steel chair. Does he have his title shot now? NO! The Sheik chases Adam Pearce to Hollywood, CA. and attacks him again. Does he get a title shot? NO, he gets banned from NWA TV. The Sheiks response, face "NWA Golden Boy" Phil Shatter in an NWA sanctioned NO-DQ Match. Phil Shatter passes out from the pain inflicted by The Sheik. Does The Sheik get his title shot? NO!

Now Bob Trobich says The Sheik must not lose his NA title in back to back defenses against Phil Shatter to keep his place as the #1 contender. To get the title shot he’s earned many times over, Sheik must now defeat Shatter 3 times while Shatter must only defeat The Sheik once? Is this fair? Is this justice? Is this not a clear showing of favoritism toward Phil Shatter by the NWA. The Sheik has already beaten Shatter and left him unconscious in Florida, he has left Savio Vega unconscious in Puerto Rico, he has burned his face of Carlito Colon in Texas, and he has knocked out the Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Adam Pearce, to prove his point.

Bob Trobich, you have put The Sheik’s back against a wall and have signed a death warrant for your golden boy, Phil Shatter. He may call himself the "Universal Soldier", but he better prepare for this war like he’s never prepared before. Feb. 4th at NWA MidWest - Xtreme Limit in Waukesha, WI and Feb. 5th at NWA MidWest - Supreme in Streator, IL, The Sheik will wage Jihad on the NWA, and your "golden boy" Phil Shatter will fall under the boots of the Middle Eastern Madman."

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